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How Many PowerPoint Slides for A 15-Minute Presentation?


How Many PowerPoint Slides for A 15-Minute PresentationWhy do we need to use PowerPoint presentations? There are many reasons why we use this software. Our audience can easily explain something with a prototype or a visual example. Your audience will be more engaged in the topic you are discussing. Regardless of your audience, it all falls down to presenting information more professionally.

What is the standard number of slides each minute? This question marks the minds of people who are not so familiar with using PowerPoint. Let me show you how to make a 15 Minute Presentation, and let’s see how many slides will fit.

How many PowerPoint slides are needed in a 15-minute presentation?

For a 15-minute PowerPoint Presentation, there can be 15 or more slides. You may ask, can I add more, or why can’t I just put ten or so?

Here’s the thing about giving a “maximum” number of slides in a presentation. You must consider your audience.

Of course, if you take too long on that slide, you do not want your audience to be so bored listening and watching you present. Or see them gasping for air while they catch up with you on your fast presentation, right? Remember that your slides are our visual presentation of what you are presenting. Your audience sees the slides, and your voice will be the “subtitle.” The presenter can allocate a minute or longer to precisely explain his presentation.

When do you use a 15-minute presentation?

A 15-30-minute presentation is usually used in a business presentation. The essential way of presenting a PowerPoint is to have your slides visually appealing and understandable. Make your content specific and precise so that people who look at your presentation might have an initial idea once they have seen the slides.

The 15-minute presentation is one of the most common styles of presentation. Almost always, 15 minutes is the perfect amount of time. You have adequate time to go deeper into your subject without monopolizing your audience’s attention. You can also pose inquiries, discuss your key points, and summarize your goal.

Delivering a 15-minute presentation must be accurate, professional, and precise. As I have said, the most common number of slides in a 15-minute presentation is 15 or more. Remember that this 15 minutes requires 15 slides, for example, but must have content equivalent to all the information your topic has in store. It is the part where you give utmost importance to your keywords in every slide.

So, let’s say that 15 to 18 slides are the usual or typical number for a 15-minute presentation. You must condense all the major elements into this amount of slides. You can create content that includes all the details and an overview of the entire subject and present it in just 15 minutes.

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How to deliver a good 15-minute presentation

To deliver a good 15-minute presentation with an adequate number of slides, usually 15-18 slides, you must also partner it with a tone that will amaze and make your audience’s attention turn to you. Use a confident, compelling, and attention-grabbing tone to get their ears and eyes to where your presentation is.

Your audience will be moved and engaged by these amazing slides. No matter how many slides you use, it will be great if you are confident and your message is clear. Giving the presentation your best effort while achieving its goals is all that matters.

Another thing about giving a presentation is to prepare for follow-up questions about your topic. Your audience may ask questions regarding you, what you presented, or other relevant issues. This means that the crucial time is not just in the span of the 15-minute presentation but also in the latter part. The reason why I include this is that people who ask more mean they want to know more. In short, they are interested.

The more interested people are in your presentation, the more possibilities of gaining their trust. In a span of 15 minutes, you can change their perspective and explore new points of knowledge.

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