How Much does a PC Set Up Cost


The market has a full PC setup readily available. However, building your PC system can be a thrilling experience. If you are up for this activity and wonder how much is a pc setup cost then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you exactly how much for a pc setup.

In general, there are two categories of computers: productivity computers, which are designed for work, and gaming computers, which are designed for gaming. The parts utilized and the price of the system are determined by the sort of computer you require.

In this post, we will tackle how much is a full gaming pc setup rather than a productivity pc setup. That is because productivity computers have a very wide variety depending on work productions.

Gaming PCs, even with the emergence of gaming consoles are still the most preferred choice especially when it comes to best performance.

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How Much is a Good PC Setup

You must be aware of the parts and hardware you need to calculate the cost of the entire computer setup.

The following are the basic components that you need on how much is a full pc setup


  1. GPU/CPU ( Graphics Card)

The GPU and CPU will consume the majority of the budget in almost all systems because they are the most crucial components of any build. A graphics card should cost you anything from $200 to $3,500.


2. CPU (Central Processing Unit

The CPU is responsible for carrying out the majority of a system’s functions, and different CPUs are designed with diverse objectives in mind. The type of CPU in a system often dictates what the main purpose of that system is. A CPU can cost between $100 and $900.


3. Motherboard


A motherboard is equally as essential as any other component since, without one, the computer cannot function. It distributes electricity and enables the communication between the many PC components. Make sure your motherboard is compatible with the other parts you’ve chosen. A motherboard can cost anywhere from $120 and $300.


4.RAM (Random Access Memory)


RAM is often evaluated based on two factors: capacity and speed. You can run more programs and process data more quickly the more RAM you have and the faster it is. Try to budget around $35 to $250 for RAM.


5. SSD (Solid State Drive) / HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Hard disk drives and solid-state drives both serve the same purpose. Both HDDs and SSDs are in charge of data storage. An SSD essentially saves data electrically, whereas an HDD essentially stores data mechanically. Your system’s storage can cost as little as $50 or as much as $450.

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6. PSU (Power Supply)

How much power your project uses will depend on the power supply you select. Purchase a product that will leave you with ample space for future updates. Buy a completely modular power supply if you have extra cash to spare. It will significantly simplify your life. Depending on the wattage and efficiency, a PSU will run you anywhere from $60 to $150.


7. Computer Case

For your PC construction, picking the ideal PC case is vital. Your ability to design a system will depend on the case you select. It’s also essential to keep in mind that not every case will have space for all systems. The main parts of your system might not fit in all cases because they come in all different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, search for a computer case that has superior airflow. Spending ranges from $50 to $200, so be prepared for that.


8. CPU Cooler

There are two distinct categories of CPU coolers: liquid-cooled and air-cooled. The price range for an all-in-one cooler is between $80 and $200. You should budget somewhere between $45 and $100 for an air cooler only.


9. Case Fans

Case fans will differ depending on the circumstances. Various casings can accommodate various fan sizes and different fan counts. Case fans range in price from $10 for inexpensive 120mm fans to $20 for 140mm RGB fans.


10. Other Accessories

Aside from the basic components mentioned above, a complete PC setup requires a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and speakers. The most expensive item will be a monitor, with costs starting at $100 and rising to hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, prices for keyboards, mice, and headsets can range from $20 to $30 to $200 to $300.


You can begin your project now that you know exactly the components you need to purchase to make a complete gaming computer system. Always keep in mind that the first stage in every process is to create a budget and a necessary standard of performance. You should be prepared to increase your budget if you want the most notable performance.

You might also think about making trade-offs to match your budget and achieve the performance you want. You may sacrifice processing power in favor of a faster graphics card, a better case for a better power supply, or the option to use the built-in audio on your motherboard rather than investing in a separate sound card. Either way, bear in mind to deliberate all factors and consider every tip and technique on how much does a pc set up cost.

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It is less expensive to build your PC setup than to buy everything prepackaged. However, it takes more time. You can avoid the overhead costs that most brands charge customers for unit assembly by doing it yourself. With every component, you can also be more precise and personalized.