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How Much is my PC Worth? (A Complete Guide)

Computers are types of devices that depreciate in a matter of time. It losses its value from the time you buy it throughout the time you use it. It is among the most used electronic device nowadays which is why the demand for PCs is pretty high.

When the time comes that you need to upgrade your computer and you find yourself selling your old one and buying a new one. It is worth noting to find the right value for it. You might be wondering how much your computer is worth. In this post, we will help you find the answer to how much is my pc worth.


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Define the Specifications of your PC

Before you put a price tag on your computer, you must be able to determine the specifications. You need to know what specific hardware items are installed. A standard PC has a motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphics card, hard drive, power supply, and casing. If higher-priced computers use unique CPU coolers, like liquid cooling or customized air coolers, their value may rise. Additionally, RGB case and fan lights could raise the overall worth of your PC.

It is very important to know the details of your pc so you would be able to sell it for its worth and not lose any value. To determine the specifications of your computer, follow these steps.

Step 1: To open Run, first hit Windows + R.

Step 2: Type “msinfo32” into the dialog box and hit Enter.

Step 3: A System Information window will then appear. Starting from the top, start writing the requirements down from here. First, make a note of the OS Name value, which is the name of your operating system. Next, write down the name of the processor and the model of your CPU. Under BaseBoard Manufacturer, BaseBoard Product, and BaseBoard Version, you may find the model number of your motherboard.

Step 4: The Installed Physical Memory Ram (RAM) label is where you’ll find the amount of RAM that has been installed.

Step 5: Click Components in the System Information window’s left sidebar to find out which GPU you’re running. Next, select Display. Take note of the GPU name seen under the Name label. The GTX 3090’s full name will be displayed if it is installed. Use the GPU-Z software from a third party to learn more about the GPU.


To find out your PC’s characteristics, you can also install one or two third-party programs like CPU-Z, HWiNFO, or Core Temp. These applications can also provide additional data, such as operating temperatures and system power consumption.


Evaluate the condition of your PC

It is critical to establish your computer’s condition in addition to its specs. By using FurMark’s stress test, you can determine the GPU’s condition on your computer. Additionally, use Hard Disk Sentinel to determine the hard drive’s shape.

Furthermore, you need to examine your computer for any physical damages so that you would exactly know how much is your pc worth. To access your PC, first, remove the side panel.

After that, take out your GPU and carefully examine it to check for any physical alterations, be sure to take into consideration any scratches and general wear and tear.

Use the same process on your RAMs and your PC as a whole.


Find out the Worth of your PC

After knowing the specifications and condition of your computer, you can now answer how much is my pc worth to sell. You may evaluate your PC in a few different ways, and we advise utilizing each one so you can get an accurate assessment. Choose whether you want to sell your PC as a whole or each component individually. Typically, selling the parts separately can result in a little larger profit. This will take more time and work, though.

Method 1: Through Classified

Depending on the demand for PCs, your computer’s retail price and the price of its parts may fluctuate. We advise exploring online classifieds like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist for a realistic depiction of the refurbished computer market. If you find that marketplace ads have varying posted prices, you can get the average price from 3 to 5 classifieds.


Method 2: Through PCPartPicker

If you want a more accurate valuation, you can use a third-party application, a website that specializes in PC construction and customization known as PCPartPicker. Users can virtually “construct” their PC and receive an estimate of how much the PC would cost brand new.

Simply use the “System Builder” tool of the website. PCPartPicker will calculate the total cost and the exact value of each component after you have added them all to the list.

Next, depending on how old the real PC is, multiply this cost by 40–70%. A computer that cost $1500 when it was brand-new five years ago may be worth about $750 today: 1500 * 0.5 = 750. This estimation is based on the PC’s age and component quality.


This method is generally ideal especially if you want to know how much is my custom pc worth


Method 3: Through PC Worth Calculators

PC worth calculators are yet another fantastic resource for determining a computer’s worth, particularly for older models and financial inventory. For instance, Gadget Value offers desktop and laptop appraisals together with a downloadable advertisement template. This template also has an appraisal code that customers may use to check the pricing on the website.

However, Be mindful that these Worth Calculators will not recognize the value of last-generation or current PC components. These websites are more useful for PCs and laptops that are at least ten years old than for more recent models.



Knowing how to value the worth of your PC is relatively easy especially when you can identify the specifications and condition of the device. We hope to have provided an answer to the frequently asked question, “How much is my PC worth?,” whether you intend to sell your PC, offer it as a trade, or are just curious about its price. ”