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Add Bots to Discord Server on PC

how to add bots to discord server

Nowadays gaming community is at a high peak. If we see all around the world, most of the countries have adopted gaming as a profession. There are many international tournaments in which gamers from all around the world take to participate. Now the thing is gamers need specific platforms to communicate with their fellow gamers from all around the world. They need a place where they can chat, share their success stories and videos, stream their gameplays, etc.

There are different platforms on which gamers can communicate. However, Discord is the most popular platform. After the launch of Discord, everything gets a change in the gamer community. Discord is a complete communication platform for any gamer. Discord provides streamers to stream their game with their gaming community. It also helps gamers to connect with their gaming community all around the world and gamers who have the same taste.

Besides Discord has streaming, chat, voice chat, sharing features, it also includes many different interesting features and one of them is discord bots.

Now, if you do not know about discord bots. let us see first what is discord bots.

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What are Discord Bots?

If you want your channel more entertaining and want to keep your members engage, you can add bots to your discord server. Discord bots help you to do more things that are not included in the discord server by default. It gives you more functionality for your discord server. Adding bots to your server makes it unique and fun for all the members who are added to your server.

So, if you do not know where to find bots, let us find out where you can find bots for your discord server.

Where To find Discord Bots?

If you are a coder and know how to code, then you can create your customized Discord bots according to your requirements. The second option is adding bots through websites. Dozens of websites are providing different discord bots. You can add bots from those websites according to your interest. Among those websites Carbonitex and Discord Bots are popular.

Note: Check for all the features and additional details of bots when selecting the bot.

If you are struggling with how to add your bots to your discord server. We have given all the instructions for adding bots to your discord server on the desktop.

How to Add Bots To Your Discord Server on PC

So, as you know that we can add bots through different methods. However, most of the part for adding bots to discord server is similar.

We will guide you with the help of the top.gg website. This website is one of the most popular websites for adding bots to the discord server.

Step 1:

First, visit ‘top.gg’ site. There you will see the search option. In the search box, you can search any bot according to your need. Not only that if you scroll down the homepage you will also see that there are bots with different categories like ‘Top Voted Bots this Month’, ‘Trending Bots’, ‘Certified Featured Bots’ and more. You can also easily select bots from these categories.

Step 2:

When you found out your desired bot and want to add it to your server, you just simply need to click on the ‘view’ option. After clicking on the ‘view’ option, the bot page will appear.

Step 3:

After redirecting to the new page, you will see all the details of that bot. For adding to your server, you need to click on the ‘invite’ option. You can find out that option on the right-side panel. As soon as you click on the ‘invite’ option it will redirect you to your Discord.

Step 4:

Then you have to log in to your Discord account from your browser. If you have a Discord mobile app, you can also log in with a QR code.

Step 5:

After login, it will say the bot wants to access your account. You can select a specific server to which you want to add that bot by selecting ‘Select a server’. Once you select the server, click on the ‘continue’ button. If you have access to that server then you will find a server name in the ‘Add To Server’ option, otherwise, you do not have permission to add bots to that specific server. You can ask a higher authority on that server to permit you for adding bots.

Step 6:

Now, it’s time for you to authorize your bot for the given permissions. You can select or deselect the permissions according to your needs. After selecting permissions for the bot which it will access from the server, click on the ‘Authorize’ button. After authorizing the bot, it will have your permission to access your server.

Step 7:

After selecting authorize button, it will display a screen showing the ‘Authorized’ message with a green tick mark. It means you have successfully added a bot to your discord server. You can now close that window.


Assign Roles to Discord Bot

Once you are done with adding the bot. Now it’s turned for assigning roles to that bot. Limiting the role of bots will help you to manage your future bots. Bots can not do anything with your server as you fixed their roles.

Step 1:

Open your discord and select the specific server to which you have added that bot. You will see the server name appearing on the top left side of the screen. Click on the server name and a menu will be displayed.  Select the ‘Server Settings’ option from that menu.



Step 2:

In the left-side panel, you will see the ‘Role’ option, select it. After that, you will see the ‘+’ sign near the Roles heading, select that.

Step 3:

After selecting the ‘+’ sign, now you need to give a roll name. It is up to you whatever name you want to choose. You can also check for general server permission and mark green to give bots access.

However, make sure that you must not permit bot for ‘Administrator’ and ‘Manage server’.

Step 4:

Do not forget to save settings. After that select the ‘Members’ option from the left side of the panel. Now, you will your bot there and besides that, you see the ‘+’ sign. Click on that plus icon, a role menu will appear. Select the role you fixed for your bot.

Now, you are all set to use your bots on your server. Similarly, you can add different bots to your server.