How to Add Starbucks Gift Card to the App (2023)

It’s the holiday season and it’s the time when we usually receive gift cards from friends and family members. Did you just get a new Starbucks gift card and don’t know how to add it to the app? In this article, we will share with you how to add Starbucks giftcard to app.

Adding your Starbucks gift card to the app makes paying for your drinks easier. With the technology today, you don’t usually need to carry cash around and pay for everything on your phone. Cashless payments are really convenient and safe.

How to add a gift card to Starbucks app

From your phone’s home screen, go to the Starbucks app

  1. Tap on the “Gift” icon located in the lower toolbar
  2. Select “Got a gift card? Add it here” at the top
  3. Scratch or peel the details from your gift card
  4. Enter the Starbucks gift card number as well as the security code in the fields

In the app, you will be able to use the new gift card as your new payment method. You can also transfer the funds into an existing card if you have one. If you prefer option two, just follow the steps below:

  1. At the lower right part of the app, tap on “Transfer Funds”
  2. You will see a list of cards that has been added to your account
  3. Select your existing card where you want to transfer the funds to

Once you have transferred your Starbucks gift card funds to your existing card, you can remove the empty gift card. You can double check your new account balance by tapping the “Scan” icon. If you balance has not changed, just refresh the app.


Cashless payment makes paying for our purchases easier and faster. This does not only apply to credit cards when shopping, but with paying for your coffee as well. You can add your Starbucks gift cards to the app by following these easy steps we shared.