How to Block WiFi Users in TP-Link Router

how to block wifi users in tp-link router

This article will guide you on how to block WiFi users in a TP-Link router. This lesson however applies to owners of TP-Link routers. Of course, blocking WiFi users means that they have access in the first place. There can be several reasons to do this. Internet speed can be slow at times, and you might have some important work and you need to prioritize yourself over other users.

Another reason why you need to block WiFi users in the TP-Link router is security. Some users may be abusing the network by using torrents or streaming videos and you want to isolate them. One of your users or devices might be hacked and acting as a bot and you might want to block that as well. Or the user might just be deserving of a time-out for violating your personal or company rules. Whatever the reason, after this lesson, you’ll be able to block selected users in your TP-Link Router using 3 different methods.

Method 1: Block WiFi Users using TP-Link Tether App

TP-Link provides an app called TP-Link Tether for easy network management through your mobile device. Download the app from the Google Play store and Install it.

➲ After installation, launch the tether app. You need to create a TP-Link account using your email address. Enter your email, think of a password, and tap on the Create a TP-Link ID button.

➲ Once done, log into your account. You’ll see all your TP-Link devices listed there. Tap on your Wi-Fi router.

block someone from WiFi TP-Link

 Log into your router’s interface. It may have a different username and password than what you just created. The default for TP-Link routers is ‘admin’ for the username and ‘admin’ for the password. You’ll need to change these immediately if you purchased the router yourself.

➲ After logging in, go to the Clients Tab. You’ll see all of the devices connected to your network, with the device name and assigned IP address.

block someone on my WiFi

➲ Tap the desired device. And simply tap the Block button. The blocked device will still be able to connect to the Wi-Fi, but it won’t be able to access the internet. It’s a ‘soft’ block wherein the user still has the impression of being able to connect but will assume that something is wrong with the internet itself.

➲ To unblock the device, select it from the ‘Blocked Clients’ section and then tap on Unblock.

Method 2: Block WiFi Users Through Access Control in TP-Link

If you don’t wish to use the app, you can also use the Access Control feature in the TP-Link web interface, to block specific client devices. TP-Link has somewhat standardized the user interface of their router admin panels, so this applies regardless of what TP-Link router model you use. TP-Link routers feature an intuitive setup screen with various tabs on the left, the options screen in the middle, with a help screen on the right which tells what a particular setting does.

➲ Log into the router using a browser. The default router address is Enter your username and password for the router. Again, the default for TP-Link routers is ‘admin’ for the username and ‘admin’ for the password. After entering your username and password, the router admin panel will appear.

➲ You will need to get the device’s MAC address. You can get the device’s MAC address by going to the DHCP tab and then clicking on the ‘DHCP Client List’, for a list of devices that are connected to your network. Copy the MAC Address.

manage users TP-Link router

➲ Under Access Control, tap on the Host page. It will display a list of devices. As the device is not yet included, click on the Add New button. Add a description which would be the device’s name and then paste the MAC address and click on Save.

block a device from WiFi

➲ Next, go to the Rules page. Click on ‘Enable Internet Access Control’ checkbox. Make sure Allow is enabled to ensure you retain your connection. Then click on Save.

disconnect unknown devices from WiFi

Here, create a new rule by clicking on the Add New button. Type in the description which would be the device name. In the LAN Host box, select the device you created earlier on the Access Control Host page. Under Rule, select Deny, and under Direction, select OUT. Then click on Save.

control devices connected to WiFi

➲ After clicking Save, the new rule will be applied to the device. Simply repeat the steps to add new devices. Again, blocked devices can still join the network but won’t be able to access the internet.

➲ To Unblock the user, select the device by clicking on its corresponding checkbox and click on Disable Selected.

unblock a device tp link

Method 3: Block WiFi Users Through MAC Filtering in TP-Link

There is another way to block TP-Link WiFi users aside from creating Access Control Rules, which is through MAC filtering.

➲ Go to the DHCP Tab. Then Go to the DHCP Clients List page. Copy the MAC Address of the device.

➲ Go to the Wireless Tab and then to the ‘Wireless MAC Filtering’ page. Click on the Enable button to enable MAC filtering. Select the Deny option which would block the internet access of the devices listed there.

block unknown device on network

➲ Click on the Add New button. Paste the MAC address and then the description which would be the device name. Click on Save.

block unknown wifi user in tp-link router

Repeat the steps to add more devices. Unlike the other methods, this time the router will fully deny access to blocked users.

➲ If you wish to unblock someone from the list, tap on the Edit link for the corresponding device. Then select Disabled on the Status item and click Save. The device remains listed but is exempted from being blocked.

Now you know how to block selected WiFi users in TP-Link routers. If you have a TP-Link router, we hope this article has been useful for you.