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How to Change Email on Starbucks App

How to Change Email on Starbucks AppOne of the top culinary franchises nowadays is Starbucks. People occasionally yearn for its goods because of its high-quality selection of beverages and pastries. It is the ideal spot to have a coffee experience unlike any other when considering its app, where you may acquire all the excellent advantages.

The Starbucks app gives you many features, including tracking rewards and placing advance orders. The app only needs you to provide all relevant information to get you the best service. Yet, occasionally you need to modify your account information, such as your name, email address, and other specifics. In this article, we’ll look at how to change email on Starbucks app.

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How to Change Email on Starbucks App

On the Starbucks app, changing your email is a relatively quick and easy process. You can download the Starbucks app if you don’t already have it by visiting the app store on your mobile device. It will be either the Google Play Store for many Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. After downloading the app, you can log into your account.

You can sign in using your previous email address or username and password. Nevertheless, if you don’t recall your username or password, you can request that Starbucks email you a reminder of your username or a request to have your password updated.

How to Change Email on Starbucks App - Sign in to your account

The next step is to choose the Settings option after successfully signing into the Starbucks app. Once inside, you’ll notice options for Email and Password, each with an Edit option to the right. You can change to a new email by selecting the Edit button next to your current email.

Please just input the new email, making sure you have all the necessary information entered. Before proceeding to the next stage, it will need further password confirmation. Click the Forget Password Link if you’ve forgotten it. Your current email address will get a six-digit code, which you must input to complete the confirmation procedure. Starbucks won’t send you an email to your new email address when you finish upgrading your account, so double-check that you provide the correct information.

To summarize what we discussed above, here are the steps on how to change email address on Starbucks app

1. Click “Account” after signing into your account.

2. Choose “Settings.”

3. To make changes, click “Edit” next to “Your email address” or “Password.”

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How to Change Starbucks Email on the Website

People might like to modify their email addresses on the Starbucks website for several reasons.

Fortunately, the same procedure used to modify your email on the app is applied here. Select Edit next to Your email address in the Settings menu on the website, enter the new email address, and save your changes. Be sure you enter the correct email address once more. An email confirmation of the modification will be sent to you.

How to Recover Starbucks Account

You may need to restore your Starbucks account in one of three situations. The first is forgetting your username, the second is forgetting your password, and the third is having your account hacked. Online account recovery for Starbucks is simple. 

Forgot Username

If you lose your Starbucks account username, you can retrieve it by following these steps:

1. Open a web browser

2. Go to the Starbucks website.

3. On the homepage, select the “Sign in” link in the top right corner.

4. In the unfilled username and password boxes, click ‘Forget your username

5. When prompted, provide your email address so that Starbucks can send you your username.

Proceed to the Starbucks login page and use your username to sign in. Change your username if you find it challenging to remember it.

Forgot Password

If you lose your Starbucks account username, you can retrieve it by following these steps:

If you forget your password, it is pretty easy to reset it:

1. Open a web browser

2. Go to the Starbucks website.

3. On the homepage, select the “Sign in” link in the top right corner.

4. Click “Forget your password” under the blank username and password sections.

5. To reset your password, you will need to enter your account email.

6. Open your email and click the link to reset your password. The link needs to be opened right away because it will expire in around 30 minutes.

7. If the link does not open, click “Enter” after entering it in your browser’s URL search field.

8. Enter your new password and select ‘Change password’ to update your password

9. To be sure the change was effective, try logging in using your new password.

Compromised Account

You should immediately change your login information if you have seen any strange activity on your account. It can be a hint that someone is using your account fraudulently.

The hacker might occasionally lock you out of your account. In this situation, you should utilize the two procedures outlined above to modify your username and password.

If you are still able to access your account, you should:

1. Open a web browser

2. Go to the Starbucks website.

3. On the homepage, select the “Sign in” link in the top right corner.

4. Register with your account.

5. Visit “My Account.”

6. Choose “Settings.”

7. Click on “Personal Information.”

8. To modify your login information, click the “change username and email” and “change password” links.

9. Sign in to your account using the new information to verify the update.

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You should contact Starbucks customer service immediately if the instructions above on how to change your email on Starbucks app do not function in any way. On GetHuman, you can locate their contact details.