Create a Product Catalog on WhatsApp Business

how to create whatsapp catalogue

Around 4 billion people in the world have a smartphone. Out of that, 2 billion people use Whatsapp, and 68% of these people say WhatsApp is an effective way to connect to a business.

This means that most of your business’ customers/buyers use messaging as a channel of contact, and more precisely, Whatsapp message. In addition, 61% of customers do not want to install a new app just to connect with a business.

So, if you haven’t started using WhatsApp as a messaging channel to connect with your customers, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to sell and have great customer service. WhatsApp Business is on track to become a go-to customer service messaging platform, with the usage of WhatsApp Business APIs expected to rise by 5,400% by 2024.

In this post, I will try to help you understand the WhatsApp Business product catalog and create a product catalog using WhatsApp Business.

What a product catalog is?

WhatsApp defines catalog as:

“Catalogs are a mobile storefront for businesses to showcase and share their goods so people can easily browse and discover something they would like to buy. Previously businesses had to send product photos one at a time and repeatedly provide information. Now your customers can see their full catalog right within WhatsApp. This makes business owners look more professional and keeps customers engaged in the chat without having to visit a website.”

A product catalog is a form of marketing collateral that lists important product information that allows buyers to make a purchasing decision. This information includes product features, details, dimensions, price, weight, availability, color, customer reviews, and more.

The Product catalog is essential in promoting your products or services to the public. It is really easy to create a catalog. There are few tools that you will need while creating a catalog, and these tools include digitalization tools, digital pictures, and catalog templates.

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What does the WhatsApp Business Catalog contain?

You can add all the products or services to the catalog. The catalog is a collection or a list of all of the items. The catalog contains the following information:

●  Products / Services List: Up to 500 products or services can be submitted.

●  Business Name and Description: Detail is taken from your WhatsApp Business profile.

Each product will contain the following information:

●  Images: The image of your product or service is very important. You can add up to 10 high-quality images to the product. Each photo is reviewed by WhatsApp to ensure that the conditions of use are fulfilled.

●  Product or service name: A short, unique, and meaningful summary are worth giving.

●  Price: You should decide this if there is a regular price for the product.

●  Description: The product can be further elaborated to illustrate to consumers what it contains.

●  Link: If you have an e-commerce store, it’s time to connect the product directly to the platform.

●  Code: If you have an inventory manager and you have a product or service code, this is the place to determine.

How to create a catalog in WhatsApp Business

Step 1: Install the latest version of WhatsApp Business on your phone.

Step 2: Create a product catalog on WhatsApp Business, open the app, and click the menu button in the upper right corner. Click “Settings” > “business tools”.

whatsapp catalog feature

Step 3: Now, go to “Catalog” and click the “Add item” icon.

whatsapp catalogue manager

Step 4:  Insert your photos in “Add Images”, and type product or service name and price. Press “More fields” to include description, a link, and reference code, and click “Save”.

Add a product to whatsapp catalog

Step 5: Returning to the catalog home screen, click “+” and repeat the process for registering other products. To send a link to your catalog, tap the icon in the upper right corner of the screen and choose how you want to share it.

how to share whatsapp catalogue

Step 6: During a chat, you can send items from your catalog by clicking the attachment icon and opening the “Catalog” option. Choose whether you want to send the full catalog or the products, and click the send button.

how to send catalog in whatsapp business

Step 7: Other people can access your catalog by starting a chat with your business and taping the name or number at the top of the screen. Right next to the catalog, click “See All.”

Who can see my WhatsApp Catalogue

If the catalog’s service or product is rejected, you can see a red exclamation icon next to the image. If you believe that the image is not in breach of the WhatsApp Commerce Policy, you can request a further review by taping “Details” > “request a further review”, and enter the reason for the review request in the text field, and tap Continue.


The Whatsapp Business Catalog gives you the ability to sell your product across the internet. It’s the right opportunity to digitize your business marketing plan on the WhatsApp platform using the WhatsApp Business Catalog. Business users can easily communicate and meet the target audience via this secure system. Vendors can set up a virtual store in this amazing environment and increase the sales rate in no time. Hurry up and build the WhatsApp Business Product Catalog to become a successful entrepreneur in a competitive market. Use this messaging app efficiently and experience consistent business performance.