How to Delete Other Storage on Samsung

The capacity of Samsung smartphones to hold a large number of items, including images, movies, documents, and applications, is one of their best advantages. However, after saving a lot of things on our smartphones, the storage often fills up and an “Insufficient storage” prompt appears.

The performance of the Samsung smartphone is hampered when the storage space is insufficient. The speed will deflate, the camera quality will degrade, and some apps will stop working. The greatest solution to this is to clean up your storage and make place for a significant space. Keep reading for we will give you a comprehensive guide on how to delete other storage on Samsung.


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How to Delete the Other Storage on Samsung

Smartphones have a large amount of internal storage where the files are stored. You can view a breakdown of how much storage each type of media is taking up in Battery and device care, including pictures, videos, and documents. But you might be unsure of what falls under the “Other” storage category.

The “Other” storage category houses information from the apps you’ve downloaded to your tablet or smartphone. It covers things that don’t fit into any other storage categories, like system files, cached data, and temporary files.

You cannot immediately delete the data stored in the “Other” storage category from your device. Although some of it can be cleared by deleting cache or app data. If you have been searching for answers, continue scrolling and learn how to delete other” storage on Samsung a20.

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How to Delete Other Storage on Samsung A20

How do you delete the “other” storage on your Android device so that you have more space? Why not first try the Android system itself before seeking a third-party app? Check out the steps below.

  • Clean the app’s cache manually

In essence, a cache is a storage space where data or frequently used operations are cached for future access. If you don’t regularly wipe up the many programs on your device they will eventually take up a lot of space. Therefore, you may save a lot of memory on your device and prevent damage or data loss by clearing the cache of your apps. The steps are easy and we have them below:

  • Access the Settings Menu;
  • Then select Apps.
  • Select an app that is taking up a lot of space
  • Clear the cache by clicking the Storage option.


  • Restore the Application

When evaluating the storage, we frequently encounter the “Other” storage category. Certain gaming apps and messaging apps, like WhatsApp, may keep a lot of gaming data or chat records that require a lot of space. Of course, before you wipe out these files, you should make sure you have already backed them up or that you no longer require them. The ability to restore apps to their original state without removing them is supported by some Android and device versions: Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the Files menu
  • Select “Clean up”
  • After the scanning procedure is complete, locate the Storage Manager tab;
  • Choose Restore Applications;
  • Choose an app that uses a lot of storage to restore.


  • Factory Reset your Device

The best option how to delete other storage on Samsung s10 is to reset your phone to its factory default settings, which are those from the day it was first unpacked if the aforementioned processes did not successfully free up your space. There won’t be any more of your data, including contacts, call records, images, apps, or phone settings. If your phone has been used for more than a year and is operating very slowly, I advise trying this option because it will essentially give it a new lease on life. However, make a backup of your phone before doing this.

  • Go to Advanced options in Settings;
  • Click the Backup and Reset
  • By selecting Data backup, create a backup;
  • Click on the Factory Data Reset button;
  • Switch off and on your phone.

How to Delete Other Storage on Samsung A20 using the Clean-Up Option of the Device

Here is another method on how to delete other” storage on Samsung s20 using the Clean Up option that is already in-built on your Samsung smartphones.

  • Launch your device’s Settings application.
  • To access the Storage option, scroll down. It may be found under Device Care on Samsung smartphones. As an alternative, you may just type “storage” into the search bar at the top.
  • The user interface (UI) for Storage may vary depending on the Android phone, but you may press on any item to find out more about its content and subsequently delete certain items.

Nowadays, almost all Android smartphones have a setting in the Settings app that allows you to clear the device’s storage so this will come as complicated as it may seem.



Storage capacity is one of the aspects that we typically look for when acquiring a smartphone device. Large area capacity, however, comes at a higher cost. Therefore, when your Samsung smartphone keeps reminding you that it is running low on storage, check out this advice on how to delete other storage on Samsung a20 and keep going.


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