Delete Search History & Watch History in YouTube app

delete search history in youtube

When you log in to the Google account and start watching YouTube videos, YouTube starts tracking what you search and view in this platform. And please don’t be panic hearing the word ‘track’. YouTube doesn’t do that for any bad purpose. YouTube store your search history and watch history just to understand your interests or preferences and make your experience better in this platform.

I think you’ve noticed, when you open YouTube app, its homepage is full of videos that are related to your previous sessions. Or, when you watch a video, the recommend section is full of videos that match your interests. Probably you’ve also noticed that when you begin to start typing in the search box on YouTube, your past searches prompt automatically in the drop-down menu before you finish typing. And all these things happen just because, like many other Google services, YouTube tracks your activity.

Now, for no reason, you want others to know in what topics you’re interested in, right? That’s why you need to clear YouTube search history and watch history whenever you need.

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Delete YouTube Search History and Watch History

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account on YouTube app.

Step 2: Go to ‘Library’ ➯ ‘History’. There, you’ll see a list of your previously watched videos. You can manually delete any individual item from this list. To do that, tap on the three dotted line, which is on the right side of each item. Now, tap on ‘Remove from Watch history’.

youtube history

search history

Step 3: You can also delete all your search history and watch history of all time. To do that, click on the three-dotted line that is on the top right corner of the same page. From the drop-down menu, tap on ‘History controls’ which will open History & Privacy settings.

clear history

Step 4: Tap ‘Clear watch history’ and confirm it. This will remove all the videos you’ve watched from your YouTube history. Just below the ‘Clear watch history’ option, tap ‘Clear search history’ and confirm it. This will clear all the searches you’ve made from your YouTube history.

how to delete youtube search history

Now here are some tips for those who are really concerned about their privacy.

Tip 1: Pause YouTube watch history and search history

Clearing your history all the time can be inconvenient. A better option would be to pause it so that YouTube stops collecting and storing these data.

So, on the same page, under ‘History & privacy’ settings, keep the toggle on for ‘pause watch history’ and ‘pause search history’.

youtube search history

Tip 2: Use YouTube’s Incognito Mode

If you’re going to watch some videos that you don’t want YouTube remembering later, use YouTube’s Incognito Mode. To enable it, go to profile ➯ ‘Turn on Incognito’. After enabling it, any searches you make or any videos you watch in the current session won’t be saved.

erase youtube history

It is noteworthy that watch history and search history are important, as they help YouTube to understand its user interests. Thus YouTube recommends related videos that match your interests. So, it is not suggested to delete YouTbe Watch History and Search History all the time.