How to Disable apps auto-update in Play Store

how to stop apps from updating android

As default, apps you have installed from Google Play, download updates automatically, as soon there is a new version available. Most of the time, updates are nothing more than just basic bug fixes, that are not so crucial to basic users. And generally speaking, this is a good thing as it improves their performance on your device.

But, there are some major drawbacks that may force you to rethink about auto-update policy. Sometimes bug-fixes add more bugs, and sometimes new features break the old functionality. There are times when you discover that an app has been updated, and then you find that the old version was way better than the latest one.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to revert to the previous version once the new version has been installed. But, if you had automatic app updates disabled, You would have a chance to review it, before allowing your apps to update. That is why manually updating apps is more preferable among users.

In this guide, let’s see how to prevent apps from updating automatically so that Google Play only updates when you want it to.

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Disable auto-update apps in Google Play Store

1.  Open the Google Play Store app
2.  Go to menu option on the top left, and tap ‘Settings’.
3.  Under ‘General’ section, tap ‘Auto-update apps’.
4.  From the pop-up, choose ‘Don’t auto-update apps’. With this setting, you will have complete control over updating apps on your device.

How to manually update apps in Google Play Store

If you disable auto-updates, you’ll receive a notification when updates are available for your installed apps. You’ll need to open the Play Store app and manually install them if you want. Here is how;

1.  Go to menu ➩ ‘My apps & games’.
2.  On the ‘UPDATES’ tab, you will see the list of apps with updates available.
3.  You can choose to update particular apps one at a time, or just tap ‘UPDATE ALL’ button to bulk update all of them.