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Best Way to Downgrade Apps on Android

How to Downgrade Apps on Android

The fact that there are millions of apps and games available for free is what makes Android phones fascinating to many users. On our Android smartphones, we all have a few favorite apps or games. Apps and games automatically update to the most recent versions. This is to make sure that users get the best features available from the developers.

However, Android app upgrades might not always be welcoming because they could impede your previously seamless experience and force you to downgrade your Android apps to resume your earlier, uninterrupted experience. There are occasions when an update causes more damage to users than it fixes issues and adds features. To remove it, it’s crucial to downgrade to an earlier version of the Android app.

But how do you possibly downgrade apps on Android? In this article, we will discuss two incredible methods for you to follow whenever the need to downgrade apps arises.

Ways How to Downgrade Apps on Android

Method 1: Downgrade Android apps Using a Third-party App Store

Directly downgrading an app from the Play Store is not currently an option. Any updated software must first be uninstalled before an older version of the app may be downloaded and installed via a third-party app store, such as UpToDown, ApkMirror, ApkPure, etc.

Start by deleting the current app version via the Settings app. Select Settings > Apps. On the App Info page, choose the desired app, then hit the “Uninstall” button.


Uninstall the app to get back old version

Begin reinstalling an earlier version of the desired software once the program has been uninstalled. Simply visit this website and search for the necessary app. Download the.apk file and install it on your device once you’ve located the version of the app you want.

download older version of apps on Android

Remember that later updates may once more overwrite the one you just installed. Therefore, it could be a good idea to turn off Google PlayStore’s auto-update feature.

However, please be reminded that by using this method, you can remove all the settings and data associated with your program. Therefore, make sure your data is backed up before deleting it.

You won’t be able to go back to an older version of an installed or built-in program than the factory version.

Method 2: Downgrade an app using ADB

On Android, you can downgrade apps with a simple ADB command without losing your app data. This approach is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t need root access to function.

There are two things that you must be sure of before moving on.

On your Android device, enable USB Debugging.

Obtain and install the ADB and Fastboot drivers

When you’re ready, use a USB cord to connect your phone to your computer and enable USB debugging.

Save the APK file for the app you wish to downgrade to. The APK file should now be pasted into the ADB tools folder. Holding down the “Shift” key on your keyboard, right-click on a space while you are still in that folder. Choose “Open PowerShell window here” from the context menu that displays.

downgrade android app adb

In the command window that opens, run the following command;

adb push app.apk /sdcard/app.apk
adb shell pm install -r -d /sdcard/app.apk

You must substitute the name of your APK file for “app.apk.” For instance, I’ll call it “whatsapp.apk” because I’m downgrading WhatsApp.

how to downgrade apps on android without root

When the command has been completed successfully, you may check the app’s version to see if it has been downgraded.


The security of your device requires frequent app upgrades, but not all updates may be compatible with your device. Your favorite software may see changes that lessen its intuitiveness and change how it feels overall. Downgrading to an earlier version of the software should always be an option if you find yourself in a position like this. You now have detailed instructions on how to downgrade any Android app available on the market thanks to this post.

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