How to Email a Tattoo Artist (Full Guide with Pictures)

Are you planning to get a new tattoo, or even your first one? If you already found a tattoo artist or studio, then it’s about time that you contact them to book an appointment, and ask all the questions you have in mind. If you’re having second thoughts before you contact them because you don’t know what to say, this article is for you. In this article, we’ll show you how to email a tattoo artist.

Why should I email my tattoo artist?

There are various different reasons why you have to contact your tattoo artist first before walking in to their shop.

  • Not all tattoo artists can accommodate you when you go to their shop. It’s possible that they have other clients they need to attend to
  • To save you a drive to the shop. If you want to ask the tattoo artist some questions before you decide you want to have them do your tattoo, it’s best you contact them first about it
  • Saving your time and effort, and the tattoo artist’s time as well. It would be best you contact them first about your design, the schedule, and your questions instead of doing all of these when you go to their shop for your tattoo session appointment

With technology today, tattoo artists and tattoo shops are now on social media or have their own websites. Their social media account or websites usually show their phone number and other details. And while you can always pick up the phone and give them a call, some tattoo shops and artists prefer you reach them through email.

Another reason why you should email the tattoo artist rather than calling them is the quality of the photos for your design. When you send photos in messaging apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, or their Facebook page, the quality of the photo changes. Sending it through email retains the image quality of the design. And it’s where they save the design and print it for the tattoo stencil.

How to email a tattoo artist

When you email a tattoo artist, the goal is to include all necessary information. So, it is important to note that before you hit that send button, your message should be concise, your intent should be clear, and has all the details the tattoo artist needs. 

Send the artist an inquiry email first

Before you include all the details needed to book your next (or your first) tattoo session, it is best that you send the artist an inquiry first. The reason is,  some tattoo shops and tattoo artists have their schedules tight because they’re already booked by other clients, especially the popular ones. Sending the tattoo artist or shop an email to inquire if they’re open for appointments helps you save the time in constructing a lengthy email. 

Add a subject line

It’s important that you add a subject line to your email. This helps the artist know what the email is all about and its purpose, and that the email is from a client. Your subject line should be clear. Here are some subject line examples for you:

  • Tattoo Inquiry
  • Tattoo Appointment Request
  • Request for Tattoo Booking

Greet your tattoo artist

Before you proceed to the main body of your email, greet your tattoo artist first. Although this step is not necessary, it makes your email start on a good note. Here are some salutation or greeting examples:

  • Hi, Tattoo Artist!
  • Hello, Tattoo Artist!
  • Good day, Tattoo Artist!

The body of the email

The body of your email contains your actual message to the tattoo artist. Here, you can add the questions you have, the appointment details, and the details about the tattoo you want. Your email body should include the following:

1. Let the artist know about your tattoo design. If you don’t know how to create your own tattoo design and do not want to get one from the internet, you can describe to the artist the tattoo design you want. You can also indicate the tattoo size, the colors you want, and where you want to be.

2. Include possible dates and time for your appointment. Even though you still don’t know when the tattoo artist will be available for your appointment, you can also give them a clue on when and what time you will be available. This saves time and will avoid back and forth between you two since the artist will just need to select which date and time works for the both of you.

3. List all the questions you have. It’s also important to include all your questions in your email. By doing this, you can prepare yourself before your set appointment and also your tattoo artist if they need to do something before the booking.

4. Give them your contact details. It is important that you introduce yourself in the email. Include your full name, and your contact details so they would know who their potential client is. Your contact information is important since they may prefer calling you once they’re available.

5. Finish the email by thanking the artist and adding a sign-off. In the last part of your email, thank the artist for their time in reading your email. Also, let them know who sent it to them.

6. Attach photo design referencing your design. Before you send the email, you may also send the tattoo some photos of tattoo designs you want to use as reference for your next tattoo. This will help the tattoo artist have a better idea and vision on how you would like your tattoo design to look like.