How to enable Restricted Mode in YouTube


turn on restricted mode on youtube

While we learn a lot of new stuff from the internet, it’s also a place full of hatred and abuse. For instance, we often see a lot of hate comments and sensitive or inappropriate videos on YouTube. And I am pretty sure you don’t want your kids to see that. So, if you want to make YouTube safer for kids, you should set up YouTube Restricted Mode.

What is Restricted Mode on YouTube?

Restricted Mode prevents you from seeing sensitive or disturbing content on YouTube, from both the YouTube mobile app and the desktop site. YouTube algorithm filter out and identify inappropriate content by using community flagging (feedback from other users), age-restrictions, and other signals(title, meta-data etc).
When Restricted Mode is enabled the comments section will be disabled on any of the videos you watch.

Note that, this setting is browser based. So, when you turn on restricted mode on one platform, the setting won’t carry across the platforms. If you’re logged in with the same Gmail on different platforms, you’ll need to turn on Restricted Mode manually on each platform and each YouTube profile.

If you want to turn Restricted Mode on or off, here’s how to do it.

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How to Enable YouTube Restricted Mode on Computer

Step 1: Go to YouTube website in your browser and log in to your YouTube account.

Step 2: Click your profile icon in the top-right corner of your screen. Clicking it prompts a drop-down menu.

restricted mode, Disable or enable Restricted Mode
Step 3: In the drop-down menu, you’ll find an option named ‘Restricted Mode’. Click on it. This will open an additional section.

active youtube restricted mode
Step 4: Turn the toggle on, next to ‘ACTIVE RESTRICTED MODE’. This will reset YouTube’s cache, and block potentially inappropriate videos in your subsequent searches.

You can also lock this setting, so that any other person can’t change it. He/she will have to enter your email and password to turn it off again.

lock restricted mode
To do that, click on ‘Lock Restricted Mode on this browser’ (appears after the activation of Restricted Mode). Then, once again, log in to your Google account.

How to Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube app on Android

Step 1: Open YouTube app on your mobile. This will open your YouTube homepage if you’re logged in.

Step 2: Tap your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

how to turn off restricted mode on youtube mobile
Step 3: Go to Settings ➯ General. Scroll down and toggle ‘Restricted Mode’ to the ‘on’ option.

It’s important to remember that, Restricted Mode is not the same as the parental control feature. And no filter is ever 100% accurate on its own. This filtering system can be helpful, but not very supportive especially for children. For that in mind, you can separately get the YouTube Kids App.

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