Fake your GPS location in Android

fake your gps location on Android

Spoofing or faking GPS location actually means, changing the location on your mobile that tells apps that you’re located somewhere you are not. By spoofing your GPS location, you can easily fool every location-based app on your phone.

Why Would You Fake Your Location?

There are many reasons you might have to want, to spoof your location. Think of the many apps and services that, for example, don’t work if you’re outside of the US. The only way for you to use those is to physically move there, or fake your GPS location. You can also use your fake GPS location to fool your family or friends in any location-sharing app, to hide your real location.

Unfortunately, faking the location on your Android is not very straight-forward. There isn’t a dedicated option in your Android settings to do that. Follow the steps below, to fake your GPS location on your Android phone.

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Step 1, Enable GPS-only location mode

Aside from GPS, smartphones these days, also use your mobile network and WiFi, to locate you with better accuracy. That’s why, first we need to set the location method, to GPS only.

To do that, head into your phone Settings (then, ‘Additional Settings’ for some devices) ➯ ‘Device and Privacy’ (or, ‘Security & Location’, or ‘Privacy and Safety’, or ‘Privacy’) ➯ ‘Location’ ( or ‘Location Information’). Set the location method, to ‘Device only’ (or ‘GPS only’).

Step 2, Install a GPS Spoofing App

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Now, we need a GPS spoofing app. There are many available on the Play store. We are going to use Fake GPS Location by Lexa, which is the highest rated in its category, and it doesn’t need your phone to be rooted. Install the app from Play Store.

Step 3, Enable ‘Developer Option’

Enabling developer options is simple. For most phones, just head to phone ‘Settings’ ➯ ‘About phone’ (or ‘About Device’). Now tap ‘build number’ (or ‘Version’) seven times to activate Developer Option. Once activated, you will see a pop-up message saying “you are already in Developer Mode”.

Step 4, Set a mock location app

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Go back to Settings, and head to the ‘Developer Options’ you just unlocked (Settings ➯ Developer Options or, Settings ➯ System ➯ Developer Options or, Settings ➯ Additional Settings ➯ Developer Options).
Scroll down to the ‘Debugging section’, and tap ‘Select mock location app’. Then choose, ‘fake GPS’, from the prompt. This will allow the GPS spoofing app to change your device’s location.

Step 5, Fake your location

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We are almost done. The only thing left to do is to set up a fake location, on the ‘Fake GPS Location’ app. So, go ahead and open the application. Now, select your new spoofed location. Once you have found a spot and marked it, tap on the green play button. And you’re done.

Step 6, Does GPS Spoofing actually work?

To check if it is really working or not, open any location-sharing app, for example, WhatsApp, and share your live location. Now, pull down the notification bar from the top of your phone screen, and pause ‘Fake GPS’. Then, share your live location again. You’ll see the difference.