Hide photos and videos in Android Gallery with Gallery Vault

hide photos and videos in Gallery Vault

photos and videos are absolutely needed for protection of your privacy and also protection from prying eyes. But you probably know, all the photos and videos stored on your phone are directly accessible from the gallery. So, Anytime any known or unknown person can abuse your private photos & videos easily. That’s why you need to hide your private contents from the gallery. But in default gallery app, there is no feature provided to hide anything. So, for that purpose, you have to install an external gallery app. In this case, it is recommended to use Gallery Vault as it is most famous and also user-friendly. To know how to hide your private photos & videos using this app, just follow the simple steps provided below.

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Hide photos and videos in Gallery Vault

1.  First of all, install Gallery Vault on your mobile from the app store.

2.  Open Gallery Vault and set your password.

3.  Click on add(+) icon and add your photos & videos to Gallery Vault.

4.  After adding your photos & videos to Gallery Vault, delete them from your default gallery app.

5.  Click on the selected area and then go to setting. Now, turn on ‘Uninstall Protection’ so that any other person can’t uninstall this app.

Note: If you want to uninstall this app, first you have to turn off  ‘Uninstall Protection’. 
For any reason, if you uninstall this app, don’t worry about data loss. You can restore your data by reinstalling the app.

Now, as you set a password before, no one can open Gallery Vault and access your photos & videos except you. But if you want extra protection, you can also hide Gallery Vault icon. To do that, go to setting ( inside Gallery Vault) and then turn on ‘Hide icon’. After hiding Gallery Vault icon, you will not be able to open Gallery Vault directly from the apps drawer. To open Gallery Vault, you have to dial a special code, i.e. ##your password.