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How to Install Windows OS on Android Phone/Tablet

Install Windows on Android Device

This article will tackle on how Microsoft Windows Operating System can be installed on Android devices. Microsoft Windows, also referred to as Windows or the Windows Operating System, is a jumble of different Operating Systems created and maintained by the illustrious Microsoft Company. Windows was created specifically for computers and laptops up to these days.

You may also install this operating system on your Android phones. Modern smartphones have no problem running the Windows operating system. In addition to smartphones, Windows OS is also compatible with tablets.

The broad array of services offered by Microsoft Windows, such as the Windows Applications, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Action Center, virtual desktops, Xbox Streaming, Core Windows programs, and many more, are essential to bring comfort to our lives. Being able to install the Windows Operating System on your mobile phones is a delight with such a wide range of practical functions, making it convenient and lighter to carry.

However, Windows Operating System can’t be installed directly on your Android device. But you can do that with the use of third-party software, such as Launcher 8 Pro, Change My Software, Limbo, etc.

In this article, we will talk about installing the Limbo PC Emulator to complete it. We’ve prepared detailed instructions on how to install it. Make sure to follow if you need a good guide.

There are a few things you need as requirements before moving forward. These include an Android phone with at least 2GB RAM and an octa-core processor with a version higher than 4.4. The procedure is a little drawn out and time-consuming, so it could be tedious. It is advised to exercise a little patience as your Android device’s operating system is being installed.

Here is the easiest way to install Windows Operating System on Android smart phones.

Step 1: Download and install Limbo Emulator on your Android device.

Step 2: Download an image file of any Windows OS from the internet. You can download it from the given link.

Download Windows 95 IMG

Download Windows XP IMG

Download Windows 7/8.1/10 (if you have a product key)

Note: Download 32 bit version of any Windows OS.

Step 3: Go to internal storage Open Limbo folder paste the downloaded windows image file here.

Step 4: Launch the Limbo program. Select “Load machine” from the menu. Find the option labeled “New” in the drop-down menu by opening it. Enter a device name here, then click “Create.”

install windows 10 on android

Step 5: Choose Architecture: x64, Machine Type: pc, CPU Model: Default, CPU Cores: minimum 4, RAM Memory: minimum 512 MB under the CPU/Board area.

how to run windows os on android phone

Step 6: Then Select Hard Disk A from the “Disks” column, then click “Open” and pick the Windows image file from the Limbo folder.

limbo pc emulator windows 7 img

Step 7: If you’re installing Windows 8, choose CDROM in the “Removable” area, then open and choose the Windows image file. Keep it set to default for any other Windows.

Step 8: You need to choose “Boot from Device: Hard Disk” under the Boot section.

How to run legacy Windows with Limbo for Android

Step 9: Once everything is in place, press the play button. It will start the Windows OS booting process and operate on your Android device for 5 to 10 minutes.

How to Install Windows on Your Android Phone


And that ends our tutorial guide on How to Install Windows OS on Android devices. You can try an older version of Windows if it crashes.

Android devices can use Windows 10 Operating System. Yes, it is somewhat risky, but it’s not like you’re wiping out the Android operating system and installing Windows 10. It more closely resembles setting up an operating system on an Android device. If Windows 10 is being set up on an Android device then both Windows 10 and an Android device can be used simultaneously.


I hope that the above step by step guide has helped you for installing Windows OS on your android device without root using Limbo PC Emulator.