How to Know If Someone Blocked You from Their Story on Instagram

The ‘block a user’ feature is found on every social media platform today. However, it’s not common for these platforms and apps to send their users notifications when it comes to people blocking them. The same goes for Instagram: the app doesn’t inform its users about who has blocked them, and when the blocking happened.

Some of us might want to know who exactly blocked us to figure out our relationships with these people. it can hurt when someone we thought we trusted or liked us apparently feels the opposite. Though Instagram can’t notify you who has blocked you through its features, you can deduce whose profile you can no longer view through these different strategies.

how to know if someone blocked you from seeing their story on instagram

If you can’t view someone’s stories or posts from your feed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve blocked you from viewing their account. It may simply be because Instagram’s algorithm is changing when it comes to showing certain posts on your feed. It might also be because this user isn’t posting new posts or stories on their account. It is also possible that they have become inactive.

In this article, we’ll help you figure out if you have been blocked or not by a certain user on Instagram.

1. Search for the Profile on Instagram

The first thing you can do is to search for the specific profile of the person that you might think has blocked you. You can do this by typing in the person’s Instagram username in the app’s search function.

After you’ve accessed the profile of the user, look at their account and determine the following:

If the profile you searched is set to private and you cannot access their posts, it does not mean you are blocked. A message under their profile saying “This account is private” will be visible if this is the case. If it is a public profile and you can see their posts, you are also not blocked.

How to tell if someone blocked you from their story on Instagram

If the user you searched is a public profile, but you cannot see their posts even if there is a number displayed on the post count, it means you are blocked. The key phrase to check is “No Posts Yet” on the bottom of their profile. If you can see that they have posts by checking the number displayed on the top of the screen, then you can deduce that you are blocked.

If the username you’ve searched doesn’t appear in the search results, it can mean several things. They may have changed their username or deactivated their account. it could also mean that they have blocked you.

2. Manually Visit the Profile

Say that you have experienced the last problem from the previous section. You can still try finding their profile manually through the use of comments from your Instagram posts or stories You can do this to backtrack what their new username or profile is through these features.

If you were able to find their profile but you can’t see their posts anymore, despite their profile displaying that they have posted, it means you are blocked.

3. Search Profile by Instagram Username

If you still cannot find the person’s profile but you remember their username, you can try accessing their profile on your laptop or PC device. You can also do this in your phone’s browser, such as Safari or Google Chrome. Log in to Instagram first, then simply type into the search bar, but replace ‘abc’ with the person’s username.

how to know if someone hides their story from you on instagram

If the person has blocked you, then it will display an error message saying ‘Sorry, this page isn’t available.’ To double-check if this person really blocked you, or simply deactivated their account, log out from your Instagram account on your browser. Once this is done, you can find their profile again by searching for their username through your browser.

If the person has blocked you, you will be able to see their profile and posts from a logged-out Instagram account. If you still cannot see their content without logging in, it means they have deactivated their profile.

4. Check for Direct Messages (DM)

You can check if someone has blocked you by checking if your conversations with them on Instagram DMs are still there. If someone has blocked you, these conversations will disappear. Simply open your direct messages found on the top right corner of your screen on Instagram and find their username or profile. If you cannot find the conversation anymore, it could mean you are blocked or this person has deactivated their account.

5. Check from Another Instagram Profile

If you have an alternate Instagram account where the person you want to check does not follow you, you can use this account to check if you are blocked from your main account. Log in to your alternate account and type in the username of the person’s profile you want to check.  If you can view their posts and profile, it can mean that you are blocked on your main account.

You can also ask your friends, family, or acquaintances to check this person’s profile for you.

6. Follow on Instagram Again

The final thing you can try to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram is by following this person’s account. If their profile appears but it says that they do not follow you, you can try following them. if you press the follow button but it does not change, it means that you have been blocked. Pressing follow will not make Instagram notify them that you have attempted to follow their account.

When someone blocks you on Instagram