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How to Lock Specific Apps and Games in Windows 10/11

how to lock apps with password on windows

You must know how to lock particular apps and games on your PC for privacy and security purposes. We have always loved a variety of significant Windows programs. And the number of Windows 10 apps is increasing quickly with the release of Windows 10 and its Universal apps platform. Even widely used social media and messaging applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., have joined. As a result of the common practice of sharing a laptop or computer among family members, you need to be more careful with your data.

This time, we’ll talk about locking particular games and programs in Windows 10 or 11. To lock particular PC apps and games, follow these instructions.

How to Lock Specific Apps and Games in Windows 10/11

The built-in App Locker service in Windows 10 is only available in the Enterprise and Education editions. So we will try other methods that will certainly work.

Method 1: Password Protect Apps using Folder Lock Application

Since the built-in app locker service is more on the technical side, this is the most practical way to lock apps on Windows 10/11. There are several apps available for this, but Secretfolder will be our first pick. This software is free but it contains advertisements. If you find that the program works well for you, acquire it to get away from the apps.

On your computer, download and install Secretfolder. Be aware that after installation, the Windows Indexing Service will be disabled, which will have an impact on the Windows file search function. By authorizing Windows Search from the ‘services app, you can restart Index Search.

You must first create a password for Secretfolder before you can use it to unlock the apps you’ve locked. Enter your email address after the password so you can retrieve it if you forget it.

Lock certain apps on Windows 10

You must choose the folder where the program you wish to lock is installed on the following screen. To do this, click the Add button and then look in the app folder. For 64-bit and 32-bit programs, respectively, installed apps are often found in the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder. Find the folder for the application you want to lock by drilling down. then press OK. A password will then be required to access the program. Continue doing this until all of the apps you require are protected.

how to set password for application in windows 10

The notification stating that the software will no longer function properly will appear when you attempt to access it from any location on Windows. Open Secretfolder and enter your password to unlock the application. Click the Unlock button after selecting the locked app. Without your password, anyone attempting to bypass this by uninstalling Secretfolder won’t be able to do so.

Method 2: Lock Apps in Windows using Group Policy

If Secretfolder is not an option for you, you can lock programs using Windows Group Policy. To accomplish this, press Win + R, type “gpedit.msc” into the Run box, and then click OK. With this, the Group Policy Editor will launch.

Lock a specific app

Navigate to “User Configuration,” followed by “Administrative Templates.” then select “System.” Go to Don’t Run selected Windows Applications” by double-clicking. Click the Show button after making the Enabled selection. Then type the name of the application’s executable file that you want to block. The program shortcut on the Desktop can be right-clicked to reveal the name of the executable file. The entire path is not necessary. Just the name of the executable file, along with the.exe extension. Select Ok, then select Apply. Follow these same steps to disable the other programs you want.

Lock certain apps on Windows 11

The notification “The application has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer” will appear when someone else tries to execute the program.

Simply return to the Group Policy Editor and choose the “Disabled” option if you need to utilize the apps. Choose the ‘Not Configured’ option if you want to reset or delete the list of locked apps.

unlock app windows 10

However, Group Policy Editor isn’t pre-installed if you’re using Windows 10 Home. Running this batch file will enable it. Run as Administrator by performing a right-click on it. Restarting your computer will make the installation effective after it is finished.

Method 3: Lock Apps in Windows Using Security Policy

Other users won’t be able to run particular apps using this technique because it makes use of Windows Local Security Policy. The Local Security Policy App should be opened. In the Start Search Bar, type Local Security Policy to discover it. Once it’s open, expand the branch labelled “Software Restriction Policies.” Select “Additional Rules.” Right-click on “Software Restriction Policies” and choose “New Software Restriction Policies” if “Additional Rules” isn’t an option. A new Hash Rule can be chosen by right-clicking on “Additional Rules.”

lock apps on windows

Next, navigate to the program folder’s location that you want to lock. You’ll need to choose the application file directly, unlike Secretfolder. Click on the Apply button after choosing the app. Users won’t be able to utilize the chosen app after doing this. For other apps, use the same procedure.

lock apps in windows 10 without software

Go to the “Additional rules” folder and remove the limitation from the list if you want to be allowed to run the program later. Although it isn’t particularly handy, utilizing Group Policy is just as effective.

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The abovementioned software ought to be adequate for your app locking needs and ensure that no one can access your confidential information or use various apps and pieces of software. Windows 10 parental controls are another option if you need to lock your apps from your kids. However, they are irrelevant if you want to lock programs on your user account. So better try one of these methods, because surely, they will work out for you.