Logout of WhatsApp Messenger in Android

how to logout from whatsapp without deleting account

As you know, it’s easy to log out of most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and go invisible for some time. But, when it comes to WhatsApp, there is no logout option for the mobile app. And, I think this is the most critical drawbacks of WhatsApp Messenger.

While all of us have been using WhatsApp for quite some time now, it also has a constant privacy threat. I am pretty sure, you feel uncomfortable when someone borrows your phone and merely starts checking it out.

Of course, there are options like ‘Delete my account’ and ‘Change number’. Or you can simply uninstall WhatsApp application to shut it down temporarily. But, these are not the ultimate solutions.

In this article, I am going to share the best alternative way to log out of WhatsApp on Android.

Step 1: Back up chat history

Luckily, WhatsApp automatically backs up and saves your messages to your phone’s memory. But, before going through the steps, it would be better if you manually backup your chats to Google Drive. Just in case, something wrong happens, your chats will be safe.

sign out of whatsapp, logout whatsapp
So, open WhatsApp and go the ‘Settings’ ➯ ‘Chats’ ➯ ‘Chat backup’. On the ‘Google Drive settings’ section, select a Google account where you want to save your chat data. Also, select all the other options as shown in the image below. Now, tap on the green ‘BACK UP’ button.

The backup process might take a while depending on how much data you need to back up. When the process is finished, head to the next steps.

Step 2: Logout of WhatsApp on Android

To be clear about it once again, there is absolutely no way to log out of WhatsApp messenger. But, you can get the same result by just clearing the app data for WhatsApp mobile app. It will make your WhatsApp account to log out temporarily. Later, if you tap on the WhatsApp icon, it will start functioning again.

logout from whatsapp, logout whatsapp, How to Logout from WhatsApp On Android

Go to Phone Settings ➯ Apps (or App Manager, depending on your device), and then locate WhatsApp application ➯ Storage (or Storage Usage) ➯ Tap ‘CLEAR DATA’.

Step 3: Sign back into WhatsApp

Now, open WhatsApp again. This time, it will open to the sign-in screen, indicating that you’ve been logged out. Use the same phone number, to log in to your WhatsApp account again.

How to logout of Whatsapp messenger in Android, sign out whatsapp

Make sure, you are logged into the same Google account. And don’t forget to tap on ‘Restore’ button, to restore from the backup you made.

So, all is done. Now, you should have signed back into your WhatAapp account without losing any data.

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