How to Make a Photo Collage in Google Slides

how to make a collage on google slides

If you are looking for the best presentation software, you will see there are many software presents on the internet, on which you can create your presentation. However, most people love to use one of the most famous presentation software named ‘Google Slide’.

The Google Slide is an online presentation software developed by Google. It is a good competitor of PowerPoint. You can access Google Slide directly from your browser, you just need an internet connection and you are ready to use this presentation tool.

If you want to add a great number of animations and images, Google Slide is the right choice for you. If you are going to give a presentation in your school, college, university, or even in the office and wanted to create a perfect presentation, then Google Slide is perfect for you.

One of the best parts of Google Slide is that it allows you to create a collage of your images. So, you can easily display your multiple images in one slide. Not only that, you can create a photo collage for your personal use also. It is not that hard to create a perfect photo collage on Google Slide.

However, if you are struggling with creating a perfect photo collage, this article will help you. In this article, you will learn how to make a photo collage in Google Slides. So, must read this article till the end.

Step 1: Creating a Layout for a Photo Collage in Google Slides

First, you need to create a layout for your photo collage. Google Slide is a presentation tool. So, when you open it for the first time you will have a slide with two parts. One will be ‘Title’ and the second will be of ‘Subtitle’. You do not have to keep this slide for your collage. You will require a blank slide for that purpose. So, to add a new blank slide in your Google Slide you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step1: First, you need to open your Google Slides. After opening Google Slides, you will see multiple templates. You need to select the ‘Blank’ option.

how to make a collage on google slides

Step 2: When your blank presentation gets open, you will select the ‘theme’ option from the toolbar, which is presented at the top of your screen. The theme will act as a background of your photo collage. You can select a background theme according to your needs. However, the best suitable for a photo collage will be the ‘Simple Light’ theme. So that all the images will be displayed easily.

google slides photo collage

Step 3: After selecting the suitable theme for your photo collage, now is time to select a layout. You can find the ‘layout’ option on the same toolbar. When you click on the ‘layout’ option, it will display different layouts like title slide, section header, title, and body. However, for your photo collage, you have to select a ‘blank’ layout. A blank layout gives you a completely white blank page, which is the right choice for your photo collage.

how to create a collage of images on google slides

You are done with creating a layout for your photo collage. The next thing is the insertion of images into your presentation.

Step 2: Inserting images into your presentation

There are various options through which you can insert your images into your collage. If you have downloaded the images, you can upload them from your storage. If you have stored them on your Google drive, you can also add them from there. There are more options such as Camera, Google image search, etc.

To add images, follow the below-mentioned steps, and after that, you can finally create your photo collage.

Step 1: On top of your screen, you will see multiple options like file, edit, view, insert, etc. From there you have to select the ‘insert’ option to add images. After selecting the ‘insert’ option, a menu will be displayed. From that menu, you have to select the ‘image’ option. Next, you have to select the location of your images. As mentioned above you can select your images from anywhere you want. You can easily browse your images from your storage and Google drive also.

how to collage photos google slides

Once done with selecting the location of your images, you can add multiple images to your photo collage. However, keep in mind that the images will appear on top of each other when inserting one after the other.

Step 2: However, do not worry about that. Google Slides give you an option to adjust the images and set them in their right positions. You can easily move images by drag and drop. And not only that, but you can also adjust the size of the images. To adjust the size of the images, you need to drag the square edges by clicking on them.

google slides collage

Step 3: If you want to do more adjustments to the images, you can select the option called ‘format’. This option provides you variety of adjustments for your images like size, rotation, and position. You can also put the coloring effect to your images and can give different shapes to your images. In short, it gives you the complete package of the perfect collage tool.

how to make a collage on google slides

how to collage photos google slides

Finally, you have learned that how to make a photo collage in Google Slides. Now you can easily create a photo collage for any purpose.