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How to Make a Photo Collage in Google Slides

how to make a collage on google slides

Google Slide is presentation software that is preferred by many. It is the counterpart of PowerPoint by Microsoft. This software is accessible directly from your browser; all you need is an internet connection to get started with this presentation tool.

Google Slide is the best option if you want to include a lot of animations and visuals. It is ideal for you if you’re planning to give a flawless presentation at your school, college, university, or even in the office.

An outstanding feature of Google Slide is creating collages out of your images. This works well when you have so many photos and want to display them in one setting. If you are not familiar with this function, we will help you create the best photo collages in Google Slides in this article.

Step 1: Creating a Layout for a Photo Collage in Google Slides

Making photo collages in Google Slides begins with creating a layout. The first time you open Google Slide, a slide with two components will be there. One will be a “Title” and the other a “Subtitle.” However, you will not need a slide with these components, you can choose the blank slide to get a layout for photo collages. Here are the following steps to add a new blank slide for your Google Slide Photo Collages

Step1: You must first launch Google Slides.  Once Google Slides has been opened, there are numerous templates available to choose. Choose “Blank” from the available options.

how to make a collage on google slides

Step 2: From the toolbar at the top part of your Google Slide Interface, select the “Theme” option. This theme will be the background of your photo collage. There are numerous background themes to choose from but we recommend you choose the “Simple Light Theme” to display all the images conveniently.

google slides photo collage

Step 3: After selecting a theme, you can now select the layout from the same toolbar at the top. There are so many available layout options. Choose the “blank” layout. It will display an entirely blank page that is best for a photo collage.

how to create a collage of images on google slides

Your layout for your photo collage is now finished and done. The next thing is the insertion of images into your presentation.

Step 2: Inserting images into your presentation

Inserting images is relatively quick and easy and there are many ways to do it. You can upload the photographs from your storage if you’ve already downloaded them to your drive. You can also upload photos directly from your Google Drive. Other options include adding images straight from Camera, Google Search, and the like.

Here are the steps on how to insert images into the presentation

Step 1: On a toolbar, at the top part of your screen, choose “insert”. This is situated along with file, view, edit, and more. Click the insert and then click the image from the dropdown. You can choose the location of the photos. You can choose your photographs from wherever, as was already said. Users may quickly view your stored photographs as well as those on Google Drive.

You can add more than one image to your photo collage once you’ve finished choosing the position of your images. However, take in mind that if you enter the photographs one after the other, they will stack on top of one another.

how to collage photos google slides


Step 2: For more detailed image adjustments, you can choose the “format” option. It will provide you with tons of image adjustments like rotation, position, and size. There are also adjustments like coloring effects and shapes. You can set images into your photo collages with all quick and easy editing and formatting features. It offers you the entire set of the ideal collage tool.

google slides collage

Step 3: If you want to do more adjustments to the images, you can select the option called ‘format’. This option provides you variety of adjustments for your images like size, rotation, and position. You can also put the coloring effect to your images and can give different shapes to your images. In short, it gives you the complete package of the perfect collage tool.

how to make a collage on google slides

how to collage photos google slides


You are now done with making photo collages for your Google Slides. Presentations become more attractive when they are presented with images. Google Slides is a software that has a straightforward user interface so users will not have a hard time using it.

Now that you know how to insert photo collages in your Google Slides, you are good to go for that competitive presentation that will put you on the top.