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How to Make a Video Collage in a Couple of Minutes

how to make video collage

Have lots of videos and photos and want to turn them into a stunning video collage but have never done that before? No worries, in our guide you will not only explore how to create your artwork but find out a few handy tools to do the job in mere clicks. Ready? Then, let’s get started.

For our tutorial, we have chosen SmartSHOW 3D. It is a powerful and at the same time user-friendly video collage maker. The program can help you create animated slideshows from your photos, video clips, and music.

You can apply more than 700 professionally designed templates and effects to your projects. What’s more, you can add your own voice-overs, music tracks, various title clips, and captions. Then, you can save your video collage in the most suitable format or burn it on DVD. Now let’s see how to make a video collage with this well-packed software.

1. Install the Software on Your Computer

Start with downloading the program from the official website. Then follow the instructions of the wizard while installing SmartSHOW 3D on your PC. When ready, launch the editor and start creating your video collage from scratch.

2. Upload Your Pictures into the Editor

Open the photos and video clips you want to use in your project. You can simply upload the whole folder containing images and video files or drag and drop them one by one. Then, you can rearrange your media files in the timeline the way you want.

3. Create Your Video Collage

Now, switch to the Collages tab to choose the most suitable for your artwork style. You can either use a pre-designed template and go with its default style or change the grid to your liking: set a clip as background, add some special effects or transitions. What’s more, you can employ the built-in editor to tweak the colors of the backdrop or further enhance the images in your video collage.

4. Add a Compliant Song to Your Project

When finished with customizing your video collage, you can add a tune from the large software’s built-in library. Alternatively, the editor allows you to pick a song from the memory card, hard drive of your PC or even record your own voice-over. Then, you can change the speed and the volume of your audio file and further adjust it to your liking.

5. Save Your Video Collage

Preview your creation from the very beginning to make sure it’s exactly the way you need it to be. Like the result? So, it is time to save your video collage in one of more than 30 formats. The program allows you to export your video file for internet, mobile devices, as a MP4, MPEG, or an AVI file, or even burn it to DVD. Your video collage is ready. As simple as that!

In case you want to explore some other tools to create a video collage, we are ready to provide you with 3 more ways to do the job.

Adobe Express

The first video collage program we want to tell you about is Adobe Express. The app can help you create your beautiful artwork in a few steps: first, open your photos and video clips with the program and select the template you like most. Then, customize your creation with different effects. The program allows you to trim your video files and change the duration of your clip. You can also define the frames you want to use, add music and specify the playback settings for your video. When you’re done with customizing your project, export it. That’s it! Your creation is saved on your computer with a .vc filename extension.


Now let’s have a look at Smilebox. It is one more software for making a video collage. Start with signing up to the platform. You can use your current Google or Facebook account or create a new one on the Smilebox website. When done with that, you can choose from a variety of collage templates. Then, you can add photos from your PC, mobile phone, and social media accounts. The software allows you to adjust the colors, tweak the background, and add some text and music to your video collage. When finished you can share your creation via email, your social media, and more.

Video Collage Maker

If you prefer making video collages on the go using your mobile phone, we have a suitable tool for you. It is a mobile app called Video Collage Maker. You will need to get the app from the Play Store and install it on your smartphone. After you have started the editor, open photos and videos from your phone’s memory. You can try some layouts to choose the collage grid that you like most. Then, add some music to your project or beautify it with stickers or text. When ready, save your video collage.


Now you know how to create an awesome video collage in a few minutes with 4 different editors. You can choose Smilebox to make your collage online, install Video Collage Maker to create your artwork on an Android-based phone, or make use of Adobe Express after downloading the app and buying a subscription to use all the features. Or you can opt for SmartSHOW 3D and create your own video collages with the well-equipped software not depending on an expensive subscription or your internet connection.