Play PC Games on any Android Device

play pc games on android using Remotr

Although mobile games are great, sometimes you want to play that huge size, realistic graphics PC game on your Android phone. But as you know, most Android devices are not so powerful to process such high graphics PC game. And also, PC games are not designed to play on the mobile device. But, you can use these two methods to play almost any PC game on any Android device.

Method 1: Using Cloud Gaming for Android

Cloud Gaming is becoming more famous among the gamers day by day. But first of all, what is cloud gaming and how it works?

Well, cloud gaming is basically interactive video streaming of a gameplay. The best advantage of cloud gaming is that you don’t need to have powerful graphics hardware to play heavy lifting game. All the heavy works are processed by the cloud server. Input commands of your keyboard, mouse or game controller are also sent to the cloud server. The cloud server processes everything and you just receive the video streaming of your gameplay.

Cloud gaming provides direct play-ability to the users. It means users can play their favorite games on the various device without installing the particular game. Gamer just needs to install a client program which is usually very tiny and light. The gamer can then choose any available game on that client program and play it on the cloud.

Everything is okay with cloud gaming except one main disadvantage i.e. gamer need to have a high-speed internet connection to enjoy cloud gaming experience. And also remember that cloud gaming companies usually charge fees or subscriptions to provide rental services.

VORTEX and GLOUD are two most famous cloud gaming platforms for Android device. VORTEX is not free. You have to buy at least one plan to get started with gameplay. But you can enjoy some amazing games just for free in GLOUD. GLOUD server is located in China. So you have to use VPN service to use it. I have tried many VPN programs and found that FlyVpn is the only program which perfectly supports GLOUD. While using FlyVpn, you have to set the location as HongKong.

Method 2: Streaming of PC Games on Android

Whether you are a professional gamer or you play games just for fun. It is not always possible to play games sitting at the desk in front of the desktop. Thanks to Remotr which provides the feature of streaming PC games to a mobile device or tablet.

Remotr just mirror/cast your PC’s screen on your mobile and also provide an on-screen interface for controlling your game. You can also use keyboard/mouse or any other setup while playing games on your mobile.

You need to install the Remotr app on your mobile and Remotr Streamer on your Windows PC. Now, just create a free account, and sign in with both devices. You will find all the games installed on your PC listed there. Just select any game and enjoy playing PC games on mobile.

Download Remotr app and Remotr Streamer

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