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How to Record Zoom Meeting with Audio without Host Permission

how to record zoom meeting without permission

Zoom is now one of the largest widely used video conferences in the world. In the period of Covid-19, Zoom has evolved to be an important site to share your ideas and meeting online without necessarily meeting face to face. In this period, online classes, family, coworkers, and business meetings are now being done online using Zoom. There may come a time when you may become busy or get distracted while the meeting is going on. Such instances require you to record the Zoom meeting on your own. You can watch the meeting later in your free time and catch up with what you have missed.

The goodness in Zoom is that you can record the meeting – be it you are a paid member or a free user. For the paid users, they are able to save their recorded files on the cloud and the computer at the same time, while the free user only saves the recording on the computer. In this article, I will show you a step by step process you can follow so that you can record Zoom meeting with audio without permission.

Why record Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings are a very important and very effective way to share your ideas, knowledge, and content online without physically meeting. Recording such kind of meetings will provide you with;

1. A clip you can re-watch in your free time.
2. Rectify the mistakes and revisit them.
3. Share the saved content with your family, friends, followers, coworkers, and students.

Record Zoom Meeting without Host Permission

Even though by default, there’s no recording permission needed from the host, you can still record Zoom meetings with third-party recording software without others knowing. In this article, I will show you how to record a zoom meeting as a participant using some free screen recorder software. This software will be very easy to use, navigate, and most of all loads fast without errors. You can use these software for both the Windows Operating System and Mac OS.

Here is the software you can use to record the Zoom meeting with audio without host permission on a laptop or PC.


ZD Soft is a free third party screen recording software. This software is very effective, efficient, and easy to use and navigate. It has a high-performance rate and is used in creating videos, recording live webinars and meetings, capturing online content, and streaming live games.

Below is a process of how you can use it to record the ZD soft software.

how to record zoom meeting without permission

1. Download free screen recorder ZD SOFT
2. Install and open the application.
3. Select record webinar/meeting.
4. Choose the screen capture area. Now you can click record to start recording without permission. You can pause/resume while recording Zoom.
5. When you stop recording you will be in the preview window by default. From there you can open the save location.

2. Videosolo Screen Recorder

Videosolo Screen Recorder is powerful software you can use to record computer sound and microphone sound in zoom webinars and meetings. This tool takes amazing shots of the ongoing meetings and records the meeting. It has many formats you can choose from and it also uses hotkeys to control and draw annotations.

To use this tool, follow the steps below.

1. Open the video recorder

record zoom meeting without permission

First of all, open the software to start recording the video and audio of the meetings. You can also use the audio recorder if you wish to record sound only.

2. Select the area which you want to record

Select the area which you want to record, then adjust the sound. You can record the full screen of the zoom meeting as it is the most recommended.

3. Choose an output format

Videosolo Screen Recorder provides many output formats such as F4V, MP4, M0V, GIF, and many more. Tap the gear icon and scroll through the output tab. To get the best quality for the recorded video, it is advisable to save the clip into the memory. With full-screen mode, you are able to use hotkeys.

4. Press the record button to start recording

This will automatically start recording the zoom meeting. And after you are done, you can click on the same “rec” button to stop the recording.
Note that this software is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows 10. A preview will appear after the recording has been finished.

5. Save the video

You can now save the recorded video to your computer.

3. DemoCreator

how to record zoom meeting without permission free

DemoCreator is one of the third-party software you can use to record online meetings. It has an inbuilt tool that records Zoom meetings. This software is very easy to use and can be used by both mac OS and Windows OS. The layout is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Step 1. Download DemoCreator and install it.

Step 2. Launch the program, and choose capture to start recording the Zoom meetings and also to get the complete settings.

Step 3. You can navigate the options on the screen. There are audio, camera, and screen you can choose from. Click the preferred option of your choice. You can also make adjustments to your liking and proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Next, you will start recording by clicking the capture option. There will be a countdown from 3 to 1.

Step 5. After you are done with recording, you can press the F10 key and this will stop the recording. The recorded file will be dropped at the library from where you can view it. You can also do some further editing to the video.

Step 6. Now the recording is done and you can share your Zoom meeting with anyone.