How to Remove a Samsung TV Stand

All Samsung televisions come in with a TV stand included in the box. When you set up your TV, you can use the stand or mount to your wall. In case you attached the stand and now decided to mount your TV, then this article is for you. Here, we will show you how to remove a Samsung TV stand.

How to remove a Samsung TV stand

Removing your Samsung TV stand is quite easier than you think. You will only need one tool: a Phillips-head screwdriver and a bit of muscle strength to carry or flip your television. Below are the steps on how to remove a Samsung TV stand:

1. Prepare a thick blanket or cardboard. Spread it on your floor or table but make sure they are larger than the size of your Samsung TV. This helps you prevent scratches or any damage from the screen while removing the TV stand

2. Lift your TV a little and lay it face down towards the blanket or cardboard

3. Unthread all the four screws that secure the stand to your Samsung TV using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Make sure to be careful not to drop or lose the screws

4. With one hand holding the TV, use the other to slide the stand from your TV

NOTE: Remember that the placement and the number of the screws you have to remove may differ based on your Samsung TV model. Even so, the steps on how to remove the TV stand is quite the same

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Samsung TVs come in with a stand that attaches to your television. When you need to transport or mount your TV to your wall, you will need to remove the stand first. The steps on how to remove a base from a Samsung TV is very easy and only requires one tool. Just make sure you are careful when handling your TV to make sure you won’t scratch or damage its LCD.