How to Screenshot on Samsung A52

How to Screenshot on Samsung A52Taking a screenshot on your smartphone is the quickest way to save an important image or file. It is one of the best features brought by smart devices. Hence, in this article, we will let you understand how to screenshot on a Samsung a52 phone, so you can accomplish it efficiently.

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How to Screenshot on Samsung a52

Following this guide, you can snap screenshots on your Samsung A52 in several ways. Each technique is thoroughly described with step-by-step instructions.

Method 1: Using Button Combinations

The procedure for taking a screenshot is the same regardless of the phone or tablet you use, albeit it does differ slightly depending on the model. It would be best to find the Power and Volume down keys before taking one.

Typically, the Power button and Volume Keys of the Samsung A5G are on the right side. Press the Volume Down key together with the Power key (Side key) simultaneously to take a screenshot. When a screenshot has been taken, the screen will flash.

Go to the Gallery and select recently added photographs to view your screenshot.


Method 2: Using Palm Swipe to Capture

There is still another method for taking screenshots. On some smartphones, you don’t even need to touch a button to take a screenshot using the Palm swipe.

Follow the steps below on how to screenshot Samsung a52 using the Palm Swipe to capture.

  1. Navigate to Settings, then select the Advance feature before reaching Motions & Gestures.
  2. Allow palm swipe afterward.
  3. You may snap a screenshot on your Galaxy A72 by simply sliding your hand across the screen.

Method 3: Using the Assistant Menu

Try using Assistant Menu if you want something more straightforward to use. This is your last option if all of the hardware keys on your Galaxy A52 breaks and no other options are available.

We’ve rounded the steps on how to screenshot on Samsung a52 phone using Assistant Menu below.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Interaction and dexterity and tap on the Assistant menu to turn on the Assistant menu. You’ll see a tiny circle on the circle, tap. There will be several alternatives available. Click Screenshots. When a screenshot is taken, the screen will briefly turn white.

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Method 4: Using Google Assistant

Another effective method on how to screenshot with Samsung a52 is using Google Assistant. You can snap a screenshot with a straightforward voice command if you have Bixby Voice or Google Assistant set up. When you ask her to, Bixby will snap a screenshot of what is currently on your screen. The phrase “Hey Bixby, take a screenshot and share on Instagram” can even link together multiple complex commands.

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Method 5: Using the S Pen

You can also use an S Pen with your Samsung A52 when taking a screenshot from it. You can quickly take a screenshot of whatever you’re doing using the S Pen’s Screen write feature.

Go to the screen that you need to capture after taking the S Pen out of the device. Tap Screen writes after selecting the Air command from your S Pen menu. Your device will quickly take a screenshot of the website you’re viewing. If you want to add text or images to the screenshot, use the controls. Tap the Save icon to save the snapshot to Gallery after you finish.

Using Smart Choose, your S Pen may also select specific areas of an image.

This is an excellent method on how to screenshot on a Samsung a52 5g.

Method 6. Using the Task Edge Panel

You can also get assistance taking screenshots from your device’s Edge panel. The Tasks Edge panel and the shortcut for taking screenshots need to be added.

The Edge panel handle that is on the right side of the screen can be opened by swiping left. Swipe and tap the Tasks panel to select it after tapping the Settings icon at the bottom. On the panel, click Edit. The right side of the screen will display your preferred shortcuts; swipe to the left and tap Take screenshots to add this to your shortcuts.

Additional shortcuts can be chosen or deselected as needed. Tap the red minus sign to eliminate a shortcut. Next, move to the screen you want to capture.

To open it, swipe left on the Edge panel handle once more. For the Tasks panel, swipe left a second time.

Click Take screenshot next. Your device will capture the screen you are viewing. The next time you need to capture your screen, utilize this shortcut.


And there you have it. Our comprehensive guide on how to screenshot with Samsung a52 is sure to help you with your screenshot activities today or shortly. It only requires straightforward button clicking and swiping; there are no inappropriate actions. That is the appeal of Samsung smartphones—they provide their users with outstanding advantages through straightforward navigation.