How to Search in Google with an image

how to find an image source

If you have an image and you want to know its origin, then reverse image search technic can help you. It can also help you to quickly discover visually similar images around the web. Almost every search engine including TinEye, Reddit provide a reverse image search feature. This particular guide is about Google’s reverse image search feature, which is also known as ‘Search by Image’.

Google Reverse Image Search for Desktop, google reverse image search
First, open the Google images page at Click the camera icon, on the right side of the search bar.

search Google with an image url

If you want to perform a reverse image search while browsing the web, you can utilize ‘Paste image URL’ tab. Just right click on that image ➪ click ‘Copy image address’ ➪ paste the copied link on the search box ➪ hit ‘Enter key’ on your keyboard. This process doesn’t require to save the image to your using image, google images search by image, google reverse image
In case, you have the image already on your device, click ‘Upload an image’ tab ➪ Click ‘Choose File’ ➪ locate the image you want to use, and click Open.

If your photo exists elsewhere on the Internet, you will see different sizes and versions of the photo and different website URLs that use this image. Google will also find images, that look similar to the one you uploaded.

Google Reverse Image Search for Mobile

search by image android, reverse image search for mobile

Google’s ‘search by image’ feature is only available for desktop computers, and not on mobile devices. There is no option to upload an image for reverse search on Google. So for that, we’ll use another online tool, called ‘Reverse Photos’.

So, go to on any of your mobile browsers. Next, click the ‘upload’ button, and choose an image from the photo gallery of your phone. Now click, ‘Show Matches’. It will search for the image into Google’s image database, and show visually similar photos.