How to Send your Location via SMS/Text Message on Android

send location via sms

Nowadays, there are plenty of chatting apps available on the internet that allow you to send your current location on Android. But, to use this feature, you need to have a data connection, and the recipient should have the same app. Now, what if you have an urgent need to send your current location to someone with no data connection?

The simple solution is to use your text messaging app that comes pre-installed on every Android device. In this way, without any additional apps, your contact can receive your message and open it on Google Maps. Read this post to find out how to send your location on Android via SMS message.

Method 1: Send location via SMS using Google Maps

Google Maps is the first choice of every smartphone user when it comes to location pinpointing. And, the best part is that you can share any location without physically being there. However, you should use it if you want to share a location through SMS. It’ll use your default messaging app to send the address as a text message. Follow the steps below,

Step 1: Open Google Maps app, and find the location you wish to share. You’ll see a red pin icon on the map, with the address below. Otherwise, press the blue dot if you want to share your current location.

current location text message android

Step 2: Tap the address, and a share option will become available. Tap the “Share” button. You should now see a list of your contacts. You can choose one from the list, or select your default messaging app to send the location to someone who is not in your contact list. It’ll send GPS coordinates of the place with a link. The link can be opened on a web browser or Google Maps app.

sending gps coordinates via sms

Using this method, you can share your current location without internet (via SMS). And, you can do it with more ease, if you have saved your city maps for offline use.

Method 2: Share your location via SMS with Google Messages app

Now you know, it’s possible to share your location on Google Maps. Another convenient way to share your location through SMS is to make use of Messages app by Google LLC. This messaging app has an in-built location sharing feature. You can download the Messages app from the PlayStore. After the installation, follow the steps to share your location over SMS.

Step 1: Open the Messages app you’ve just installed. Android allows one app at a time to send text messages. So, you need to set this app as your default SMS app.

how to send location via sms

Step 2: Once it’s set, go ahead and open a conversation. Or, tap the “Start chat” button to start a new conversation.

location sms

Step 3: To attach your location, tap the plus button (+) on the left side of the message input box. Then, scroll down to the list of attachment items, and tap on the location option. Android will ask for your permission to allow Messages app to access your device’s location. Tap “Allow”.

how to send location in sms

Step 4: Once Google identifies your location, tap “Select this location” option. A map opens up with a list of nearby places. From there, simply press the send button to send the location to your contact.

text gps location

Your location is sent in the form of a text message that contains a URL. Once your contacts tap the link, it’ll open by default in Google Maps in navigation mode.

Note: Using these two methods, you can still share your GPS coordinates (without maps preview) when you have no data connection.