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How to Send your Location via SMS/Text Message on Android

send location via sms

Nowadays, you may send your current location on Android using one of the many messaging apps that are readily available online. However, you need a data connection and the recipient must have the same app to use this feature. What happens, then, if you urgently need to tell someone where you are but they don’t have a data connection? Consider a scenario in which your automobile breaks down and you are lost. You may give someone a call and let them know how to find you. But there’s a more easy way to do it other than that.


Using the text messaging software that is pre-installed on every Android device is the most practical way. SMS has advanced significantly since the introduction of RCS (Rich Communication Services), and it now facilitates the sharing of a variety of multimedia material, including geolocation. Users can communicate their position using SMS service without an internet connection because it is designed to function without one. This enables your contact to get your message and open it on Google Maps without the need for any other apps. Learn how to send your location via SMS message on Android by reading this page.

Method 1: Send location via SMS using Google Maps

Every smartphone user uses Google Maps as their preferred location-tracking app. The greatest aspect is that you can share any location even if you aren’t there. However, if you want to share a location through SMS, you should use it. It will send the address as a text message using your default messaging program. The steps are listed below:


Step 1: Launch the Google Maps app and locate the place you want to share. On the map, a red pin icon with the address underneath may be found. Otherwise, if you want to share your current location, click the blue dot.

current location text message android

Step 2: After tapping the address, a share option will appear. Select “Share” from the menu. Now, a list of your contacts ought to appear. To transmit the location to someone who is not on your contact list, choose one from the list or use your usual messaging app. It will transmit a URL along with the location’s GPS coordinates. You can use a web browser or the Google Maps app to access the link.

sending gps coordinates via sms

You can communicate your current position using this technique without an internet connection (via SMS). If you have saved your city maps for offline use, you can also do so more conveniently. 

Method 2: Share your location via SMS with Google Messages app

Now that you know, you can use Google Maps to share your location. Use Google LLC’s Messages app, which has a built-in location-sharing capability, for another simple way to send your location to others via SMS. The Messages app is available for download from the PlayStore. After installation, follow the instructions to send an SMS with your location.


Step 1: Launch the newly installed Messages app. On Android, only one app can send texts at once. Therefore, you must make this app your default SMS app.

how to send location via sms

Step 2: After it’s established, start a conversation. To start a new conversation, you can also tap the “Start chat” button.

location sms

Step 3: Tap the addition sign (+) to the left of the message entry box to attach your location. Next, select the location chosen from the list of attachment items by tapping it after scrolling down. Android will request your consent before giving the Messages app access to your device’s location. Click “Allow.”

how to send location in sms

Step 4: Select “Select this location” after Google has located you. A map and list of neighboring locations appear. Simply click the transmit button to send the contact’s location from there. An SMS message with a URL containing your location is sent. When one of your contacts clicks the link, Google Maps will automatically launch in navigation mode.

text gps location



You have now received a thorough explanation and how-to on using your Android smartphone to communicate your position via SMS. The next time you find yourself in a tight spot needing assistance from someone, it would be easy to share your location. Indeed, your Android smartphone and all its amazing built-in features are something worth investing in.

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