How to use Send Anywhere to send large files via internet

how to use send anywhere to send files via internet

Is your file too large to share via Whatsapp or Email? Don’t worry. You can solve your problem by using a software called Send Anywhere. This is one of the best files sharing tools available on the internet. Here I mentioned some features that make it different from others.

➢  No scanning or pairing is needed between sender and receiver to send or receive any files.
➢  It is not necessary to have this software installed on receiver’s device to receive any files.
➢  Cross-platform file sharing feature. It means you can access or send any files to the different platform (operating system ).
➢  You can share any folder on your device with anyone using this software.
➢  You can share any files of any size and to anywhere in the world.

Download  Send Anywhere

How to use Send Anywhere

After installing the software on your device, launch it. Now, to send any file, go to send option, select the file and upload it. You can send the file in two ways.

Method 1:

if you click on share option, a download link will be generated. Opening this link in any browser( Google Chrome recommended) receiver will be able to download the file.

Method 2:

Use this method if receiver already has the software installed on their device. During uploading the file,  a 6-digits code will be generated. To receive the file, the receiver needs to open receive option and enter that code in the input box.

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