Set Auto Reply in WhatsApp Business

auto reply for whatsapp business

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app used for both personal and official purposes. With that in mind, WhatsApp has also launched a WhatsApp Business app, including some additional features, to fulfill personal and business needs at the same time.

WhatsApp already has many useful features. Still, there are other features that could be added to make the app more user-friendly. One such feature is the ability to send auto-reply to specific messages.

Although, WhatsApp Business app has features like ‘Away message’ and ‘Greeting message’ which are very similar to the auto-reply feature of other messaging apps. But, those options aren’t useful for sending personalized replies to specific messages.

Every time you may not be available to reply to every WhatsApp message from your customers. In this scenario, sending an auto-reply message on WhatsApp creates a better impression in your customer’s mind.

Sometimes, customers may have frequently asked questions. Setting up predefined answers to those common questions on WhatsApp can save a lot of your time. You can also use this to instantly reply monotonous messages of your clients and contacts. For example, If someone is sending you a “Good morning” message, you can set a personalized reply like “Have a nice day, my dear!”

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How to Set Auto Reply for WhatsApp Business

Since autoresponse feature is not available in WhatsApp natively, we’ll use a third-party app called ‘AutoResponder for WhatsApp’ by TK Studio. This free app allows users to customize auto-reply messages to a great extent. And you don’t require to have a rooted phone to utilize this app.

Step 1: Get AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Download & Install the AutoResponder for WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

auto responder for whatsapp business

Step 2: Grant Notification Access

Once the app is installed, open it. The app will then prompt you to grant notification access. Notification access permission is required for the app to read your WhatsApp messages from notifications and send automated replies to them, without opening the WhatsApp Business app. So, tap on ‘Notification Settings’ and turn on the toggle for ‘AutoResponder for WA’.

notification access for whatsapp auto reply

Step 3: Create a New Rule

Once permission is granted, it will take you to the homepage of the app. Now, to create a new rule, tap on the Add (+) button at the bottom right.

create whatsapp business auto reply rule

This rule will decide what response you want to send, to whom, to what message, and at what time. In simple, based on the rule, the app will deliver auto-replies.

Step 4: Set Auto Replies Based on Your Preference

In the Received message field, enter the message to which you want to send an auto-reply. If you would like to send auto-response to every single incoming message regardless of the text, then press the ‘All’ button.
In the Reply message field, type the message that you want to be sent as a reply.

whatsapp business automated messages

Next choose, to whom you want to send auto reply. You must specify whether the rule applies to all individual/group messages or just some specific contacts. You can also disable auto-reply for particular contacts, in the ‘Ignored contacts’ section. To assign those contacts, you need to type the exact name or WhatsApp number of the contacts.

Finally, tap the green check button at the bottom right and you’ll have successfully created the first rule. The app will now start sending automated messages as per the rule. Following the same procedure above, you can create any number of new rules you want. You can always edit a rule by tapping on it from the home screen.

auto reply messages whatsapp business

Disable Auto Reply

You are able to disable the bot from auto-replying anytime, without deleting the rules or the app itself. To do so, just open the app and turn off the toggle at the top. You can turn it on again when required.

What Premium Version of AutoResponder Offers

The free version of the app sends auto replies almost instantly when you receive a message. If you want to set a specific time and delay time for sending messages, then you have to buy the pro version. The app offers more awesome features in the premium version.

  •  Pattern matching for received messages.
  • Reply only on a specific time.
  • Multiple replies to one message.
  • Set delay time in seconds.
  • Use the app plugin with Tasker.

So it’s now clear how to set auto-reply in WhatsApp Business app. You can take a look at the Settings of the app and try some different parameters for better use AutoResponder for WhatsApp. If you have any doubts or issues with that, leave a comment below. And, let us know if you use any similar application for sending automated WhatsApp messages.