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How to Set Up Antenna on Samsung TV

How to Set Up Antenna on Samsung TVThe glory days of cable television have long passed, thanks to the rise of streaming services. Yet, you can switch to Antenna TV to continue your television-watching routine.

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What are the Advantages of Antenna TV?

A television antenna connection has several advantages. You may access local programs with it despite being simple to use and reasonably priced.

It is an inexpensive substitute for traditional TV programming sources and easy to set up independently. You can view your preferred TV shows, films, sports, and news broadcasts using an antenna without a monthly subscription fee.

In addition, modern antennas generate Stronger Signals. Many modern TV antennas come with signal boosters, enabling them to connect to distant TV stations hundreds of miles away. You can switch off the amplifier in locations where the signal is strong.

How to Set up Antenna on Samsung TV

It’s pretty easy to install an antenna if you have a Samsung TV. In this article, we will let you on all the essentials on how to set up rca antenna on Samsung tv.

To connect an antenna, you must access the TV’s settings menu. Once the antenna detects, the television will know what it is. Choose your favorite source after choosing Air, Cable, or Both, then hit OK.

Next, you can choose any or all channels the television will cycle between. You can select all of your antennas if you have more than one. If the tv cannot find the appropriate antenna, you can alternatively try another one.

You might need to attach an antenna if your Samsung Smart TV lacks internet access. The guidelines below only apply to older types of TV that do not offer Internet connection because many TVs do not support Internet connection. 

You can use two sorts of antennas: portable antennas and dedicated antennas. Therefore it’s essential to understand which one you have before you attach it to your Samsung Smart TV. It would help if you connected it to your Samsung TV after determining which one is best for it. Depending on your Samsung Smart TV, the entire process could take up to 15 minutes.

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Steps on How to Set Up Antenna on Samsung tv

On your TV, channels, and programs don’t just suddenly emerge. An antenna or cable should connect before you can search nearby stations. You can follow this guide on how to set up an antenna on a Samsung tv below. After that, you can watch any available neighboring channels after doing the steps below.

1. Check to see if your antenna or cable box is ready. You must attach one if the antenna or box lacks a coax cable.

2. The other end of the coax cable should connect to the One Connect Box if you have one or the ANT IN connection on the back of your TV.

3. On your TV, switch the source to the TV. There are various approaches to doing this.

  • Using your remote, pick the source labeled “TV” by pressing the Source button.
  • You can select TV by pressing Home, then going to source.

4. Use your remote’s directional pad or arrow buttons to choose Settings (All Settings) after selecting the TV source.

5. Choose Auto Program after choosing Broadcasting.

6. After selecting Start, choose Air, Cable, or Both to start the auto-programming process.

7. If you are only using an antenna, choose Air.

8. If you’re solely utilizing a cable box, choose cable.

9. Choose Both if you use a cable box and an antenna. This will give you the most channels.

What’s next?

That is how reasonably easy it do our how to set up hdtv antenna on Samsung tv. A list of channels that are accessible will then appear. After choosing the channels you want to see on your Samsung Smart TV, you can set up your TV even if they are not listed. Hit the Home button on the unit remote control if they are not displayed.

You can program your antenna once it is attached to the RF socket on your television. Choose the information source and then choose the channel to view. After that, choose “air” to view the track. The channels will be listed. After selecting the channel you want to view, all you have to do is click “Start viewing” to get started.

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Returning to the traditional routine of watching TV through the Antenna is an excellent activity, especially with our teachings on how to set up antenna on Samsung smart tv. Samsung smart TVs are ideal for watching films and other viewable items, with various models catering to streaming, cable, and Antenna setups.