Transfer contacts from old Android to new Android phone

transfer contacts from Android to Android

If you’ve just bought a new Android phone, or maybe for some reasons, if you’re switching to another Android phone, the first thing you must have to do is to save all the contact details for your friends, family members. But, as you know, it is quite time-consuming and annoying if you prefer doing it manually one-by-one. And I am pretty sure no one these days do it like that.

There are several ways to transfer contacts directly from one Android to another. And in this guide, we’ll go through the easiest way.

Transfer contacts from Android to Android

To transfer contacts between Android devices, the easiest way is making use of some third-party programs. So, head to PlayStore and install an app called Easy Backup – Contacts Export and Restore on your old Android phone. Using this app, you can easily backup all your contacts with just a single click. And the best part is that, unlike the traditional method of syncing all your contacts to Google’ server, you can do it offline.

Once you have installed the app, open it. Make sure to allow Easy Backup to access your contacts. Now it will prompt you to sign in with your Gmail or Facebook account. After the sign in process is completed, you’ll see a big backup button on the front screen. Just tap on it and the app will save all your contacts into a .vcf file.

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Now, you’ll see an ‘export’ option on the bottom right corner of your screen. Just tap on it and you’ll see a bunch of options to transfer the .vcf file into your new Android. You can choose the Bluetooth option if you want to do it offline. Alternatively, you also have the options to quickly export your backups to Google Drive, or you can just email yourself the backup file.

Once you’ve got the .vcf file on your new phone, open it. It will automatically save all the contacts. Now you can check the contact list on the new Android phone.

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