How to Use Android mobile as Gamepad for playing PC game

use android as gamepad

These days Game controllers are used for playing games on any platform like Windows, Android, Xbox and of course PS3 and PS4.  Are you also stuck using mouse & keyboard? And thinking of buying an expensive game controller? Monect PC Remote is such an application using which you can convert your mobile into a full-functioned GamePad for playing any computer game. This application can save you from spending your money and help you to choose an alternative which is absolutely free to use. Not only that, using this application, you can use your mobile as wireless mouse & keyboard, remotely shutdown or sleep or restart your computer, control your computer media player from your mobile, cast your computer screen on your mobile and many more.

Use Android phone as Gamepad

To use your Android mobile as gamepad follow the below steps;
➦  First of all, you need to install Monect PC Remote on your mobile and Monect PC Server/Receiver on your Computer.

Download Monect PC Remote
Download Monect PC Server

➦  Connect your Computer and mobile to the same network(wifi or hotspot). You can also use Bluetooth to connect them(not recommended).

➦  First open the server on your computer and then open the application on your mobile. Click on connect option ➟ choose wifi or Bluetooth and connect your mobile to your computer.

➦  In Monect PC Server, go to Game Center ➟ add your game ➟ launch the game from there.

➦  In Monect PC Remote, go to Layouts ➟ select the ‘Gamepad’ option. Your mobile screen will now be converted into a gamepad.

➦  Now, go to your game setting and then game controller setting. Set keys and everything using the mobile gamepad.

Okay, everything is done. Now, enjoy playing the computer game using the mobile gamepad. If you have any problem, you can comment down below.

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