How to use Android phone as webcam

how to use android phone as webcam, how to use android camera as webcam for pc

Most laptop these days come with a built-in webcam. But, the webcam on our laptops is not good enough. Or maybe, you’re using an old desktop PC that doesn’t have a webcam. In that case, if you need to go on an urgent video call, you can always use your Android phone as a webcam. A good webcam can be expensive. And, in most of the cases, your phone will produce a better result. So, here’s how you can do it.

All you need is the right Android app and a client software for your Windows PC. There are many such apps available on Play store such as Droidcam, IP Webcam, LiveDroid, etc. For this guide, we’ll use DroidCam Wireless Webcam.

This app can be used to connect your Android camera to PC in two ways,

  1. Using a wireless network
  2. Using a USB cable connection

In both the above cases, you need to install the DroidCam Windows Client. While you’re installing this software, you’ll be asked to install a driver for your pc. Remember to select that one, otherwise, the Windows client won’t work.

Connect your Android camera to PC

1. Using a wireless network

Before you go ahead, make sure both your Android phone and Windows computer are connected to the same network. Now, follow the steps.

Step 1: Open Droidcam app. On the screen, you’ll see Wifi IP and DroidCam Port.

DroidCam WiFi IP and Port

Step 2: Go to your computer and run the DroidCam Client. Click the Wifi option, and enter the Device IP and DroidCam Port from your Android screen.

how to connect mobile camera to pc via wifi

Step 3: Select the Video and Audio checkboxes. Click the ‘Start’ button.

2. Using a USB cable

To use your phone as a webcam vià USB, first, you need to enable USB Debugging. Then, open the DroidCam app on your phone as well. On your desktop client, select the USB tab and click on ‘Start’.

how to use phone camera as webcam for pc via usb

You should see your phone’s camera preview on your desktop. Now, you can use your Android as a webcam.

By default, DroidCam uses the rear camera of your phone. If you prefer to use the front camera, you can set it too. For that, go to Settings on the DroidCam app, and check the box for ‘Use Front Camera’.

Use Android front camera as a webcam

Use your Android as a webcam

You can now open a desktop application that needs a webcam. Go to the Settings and configure it to use your Android camera (DroidCam Source) instead of the built-in webcam.

use android phone as webcam for desktop application

Note: DroidCam app is available in two versions; free and paid. The paid version, known as DroidCamX Pro, has some extra features such as higher resolution, FPS Boost, rotate video, control over video sharpness and contrast, etc. However, the free version of the app is enough for normal uses.

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