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How to Use OBS like Shadowplay

How to Use OBS like Shadowplay

Recording your game sessions is fun and keeps you focused. You can also use it as a way of improving your performances, and of course, you can also share your game sessions on any streaming, or social platform you can think of, and why not? – even monetize your content! Shadowplay is known as one of the easiest tools to record and share gameplay videos, screenshots, and even live streams. Some users, however, are starting to opt for OBS instead of Shadowplay because it seems to have some advantages. Let’s discuss why and how to use OBS like Shadowplay to record and share your gameplay.

Why use OBS like Shadowplay

Just like Shadowplay, OBS allows you to easily record your gameplay or take screenshots. It also has some features that help you share the content you create this way more easily: you can live stream online, or you can save your videos or pictures wherever you like. So, why are some players switching to OBS?

It’s because it has two main advantages:

  • With OBS, you can set up an unlimited amount of FPS for your recordings.
  • With OBS, you can set up an unlimited amount of bitrate for your recording.

When you set up your FPS and bitrate, you always need these parameters to be supported by your hardware. So, for many players with cheap hardware, OBS would just be identical to Shadowplay. But for those who want to bring the quality to its limits and beyond, and for those who like to test with hardware and its possibilities, OBS offers many more possibilities.

How to use OBS like Shadowplay

Let’s now discuss how to use OBS like Shadowplay.

Step 1: Get OBS

OBS is free and open-source software. Just visit the official website, download the version that is compatible with your system and install it.

Step 2: Set everything up

Launch the OBS software and go to Output. Here you can set up your recording sessions.

● On the Output tab, go to ‘Output Mode’ and select ‘Advanced’. Check the ‘Enable Replay Buffer’ box and then pick your Maximum Replay Time. Press Apply.

● On the Video tab, you can select your favorite resolution and aspect ratio. Here is where you can set up the Fractional FPS value (keep the denominator at 1, and just adjust the numerator). Press Play.

OBS Replay buffer

Step 3: Record

Now you can start your recording sessions: press the Start Recording button. As you’ll see, there are also other buttons available. For example, if you want to start streaming your gameplay online, you’ll press Start Streaming. After you’ve pressed the button, you can minimize the OBS window and start playing.

Use OBS like Shadowplay: Conclusion

As we’ve just learned, using OBS to record your gameplay is extremely easy. There are a lot of settings you can play with to test the possibilities of your hardware until you find the perfect setup for your purposes. As we mentioned, OBS is completely free, open-source, and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, which is another great advantage of using this platform.