Use your Android phone as a CCTV security camera

use android phone as a cctv camera

There may be many reasons why you want to install CCTV at your home or office or anywhere else. Installing specialized CCTV setup is really pretty expensive and also most of the people can’t do it by themselves. But it will be fine if we use our old Android phone as a cheap alternative to CCTV. And it may also give you more benefits than a specialized CCTV.

To use your Android as CCTV, you need an application called IP Webcam. Install IP Webcam  Click Here.

Now, you can monitor live video in two ways.

1. Direct Access
2. Using Ivideon App.

1.  Direct Access:

In this method, you have to connect your mobile and monitoring device to the same wifi or hotspot. Follow the steps.

➦  Open IP Webcam on your Android phone.

➦  Scroll down and click on Start Server. Your phone will start to work as CCTV camera.

➦  On your Android screen you will find an IP address. Now, open any browser on your monitoring device and visit the IP address.

➦  Go to video renderer option and select browser. Video monitoring will start automatically.

2. Using Ivideon App:

You can use Ivideon app to monitor live video from anywhere in the world. Follow the steps.

➦  Open IP Webcam.

➦  Go to connection setting ➟ Click on Cloud Streaming ➟ Create a free account and active cloud streaming.

➦  Install Ivideon on the monitoring device.

➦  Open Ivideon ➟ Sign into your IP Webcam account ➟ Start monitoring live video.

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