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5 Best Document Scanner Apps for Android in India

Many Indian developers have developed Native applications following the ban on CamScanner and other Chinese applications. Until now, people have been using apps such as Microsoft Lens and Adobe Scan as alternatives to CamScanner. However, now we have some proficient Indian choices that are equally functional and efficient. In this article, I am going to tell you about the best Indian document scanner app for Android. I am sure it will be helpful for you when you read them one by one.

List of Best Scanner Apps for Android in India

① AIR Scanner

AIRScanner is an Indian document scanner app with an AI-enabled reading assistant. This Indian scanner app is extremely secure as it stores all files in PDF format in your local phone’s storage.

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AIRScanner is currently available as an Indian scanner app for Android devices. The app is among the best scanner apps in India. It also includes features that make the reading experience in English an easy process for everybody. Generally, AIR Scanner is a great document scanning application with a clean user interface, developed locally by IIT Bombay graduate students in India. That said, when you download the app, ensure that you change the image quality to High in settings.

Download AIRScanner : PDF Scanner, AI Dictionary & Narrator

② Photocopy

Photocopy is one of the most famous Indian scanner apps like CamScanner. This Indian document-sharing app is available free of charge. It’s a reliable solution that doesn’t require any sign-in from the user. Scanning or sharing is easy with the Photocopy scanner app.

indian scanner app for Android and iOS devices could also be used to convert images to text. Fine-tuning the scan results for their brightness and contrast can be done immediately with this app. You can even easily scan the pages of a book using Photocopy with multiple filters.

Download Photocopy: Free CamScanner with OCR & PDF Creator

③ Kaagaz Scanner

Kaagaz Scanner is an Indian Document Scanner app that is frequently used for document scanning and PDF storage activities. In addition to quick scanning, this Indian scanning app also allows you to share documents via emails as well as other social media platforms. Kaagaz is among the best Indian apps like CamScanner that supports fast auto edge identification.

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Furthermore, you can scan through this app in 5 different scanning methods in 8 different languages of India. The easy-to-use solution is optimal for bill scanning, business cards, and files. You can also choose any file from your device to be stored in the Kaagaz app for further scanning.

Download Kaagaz Scanner – Cam Scanner, PDF Maker & Scanner

④ Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is among the best scanner apps in India which include OCR technology and a PDF creator. It is closely related to the CamScanner app. Adobe Scan performs an advanced scan that you could share through email. All these scans can also be stored in a document cloud for convenient access. You can also use it to crop multiple images, edit all scan results, as well as for auto-capture. It can easily be implemented with other apps on your smartphone that’s why end-users prefer Adobe Scan. It also provides multi-language functionality.

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Download Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner with OCR, PDF Creator

⑤ TurboScan

TurboScan is a multi-player scanner that is recognized to be suitable for notes, whiteboards, receipts, and certain documents. The greatest feature of this CamScanner alternative app is that it can be used to capture multi-page documents. Scanning various documents with TurboScan is simple, and sharing can be done in JPEG or PDF format. Creating new pages to a scan or removing a specific page is easy with TurboScan.

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Download TurboScan: scan documents & receipts in PDF