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How to Install Android 12 Emulator to Run Android Apps on PC

how to install android 12 on pc

Android can be installed on your PC in two different methods. The first is an emulator like BlueStacks, and the second is an operating system in and of itself. In this article, we will talk about how to set up Install Android 12 on PC so that you can use the most recent version of the operating system.

The Google Pixel 6 will launch alongside Android 12, the newest version of the Android operating system. It is a fantastic operating system with fantastic advancements in layout, theme, icons, style, animation, and other areas. But do not worry; you may use your Pixel phone to test the Android 12 beta, and others can use this way to install Android 12 on a PC by using Android Studio.

How To Install Android 12 on Windows PC


Step 1: Download Android Studio

Installing Android Studio on a Windows computer is simple. To download the most recent version of Android Studio, go to the Download Android Studio link. Select “Download” from the menu.

Navigate to the Download Android Studio link to get the latest version of Android Studio.

android on a pc


android to pc

Step 2: Install & Run Android Studio

To install Android Studio, open your Downloads folder and execute the installation.

android on a pc

Be sure to check the Android Virtual Device Box. After installation, it will act as the sandbox in which Android 12 will run.

pc with android os

Run Android Studio after the installer has finished. The app will go through some setup windows, import settings, and download additional updated SDK components for development. Do not bother providing usage statistics to Google once you have downloaded the SDKs.

android 12 install

A welcome screen with brief messages about more updates that need to be downloaded will greet you.

install android 12

You can select the install type if you decide to ignore it and keep forward. Select the Standard Installation for the time being. We only need to know how to install Android 12 on a Windows PC, therefore this will serve our purpose.

install android on pc

Choose the user interface design. There are two options: standard and dark mode. However, your choice won’t have an impact on the result. Choose Next.

pc install android

The SDK elements setup comes next. Click Next and set the default settings alone.

android install to pc

The preset components will be downloaded by Android Studio. Then click Finish.

how to install android 12

Step 3: Create a Virtual Device

After that, the Welcome Screen will appear. Three key actions will be taken. Open a new project, then get it from the VCS. However, you will have to select the More Actions tab found below the three. Choose AVD Manager from the list of alternatives that will be displayed. Android Virtual Device is the term.


android 12 for pc

Click on Create Virtual Device on the following screen.

android 12 pc

The following screen lists the several types of devices that Android should be installed on, including TVs, phones, tablets, smartwatches, and car dashboards, along with the corresponding models and screen sizes for each. In this instance, we wish to install various apps and play or use Android 12. Select a phone model and make one that has Play Store listed on its profile. then select Next.

android 12 on pc

Step 4: Download & Install Android 12 System Image

Select the x86 Images tab on the following screen. We are going to use an x86-compatible image. Select the download link that starts with an S. S denotes that the file is an Android 12 system image file with Google Play.

android 12 how to install

A new licensing screen will be presented to you. Simply select Accept, then click Next to continue.

pc install android

The image will then be downloaded by Android Studio. Depending on your connectivity, patience is essential because the file is over 1GB in size.


install android on windows

Once it has downloaded, select Finish. You will return to the Download screen. Select Next. Enter the name of the Android Virtual Device on the following screen. then press Finish.

windows install android

You can view a list of your virtual devices on the following screen. A virtual device indicates a successful installation.

how to install android 12 on pc

Step 5: Install Intel HAXM

If your processor is Intel-based, you will still need to install the Intel HAXM (Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager) to improve performance in Intel systems. On the right side of the screen, there is a link for installation.

The HAXM installer that is offered could malfunction depending on the version of Android Studio. No cause for concern. Through Github, HAXM can be obtained independently. Look for the Windows download link on the GitHub page.


android 12 for pc

Extract the installer after downloading the HAXM zip file, then run it. once completed. Launch Android Studio again.


android x64 os for pc

android 12 pc

Step 6: Use Android 12 on Windows PC

You’ll arrive at the Welcome Screen right away. Once more, select More Actions and then AVD Manager.


android iso download for pc

Click on the Play button on the device you created.

android 12l iso

As soon as you turn on the system, a copy of the type of phone you selected will appear alongside external controls that imitate the phone’s movements and motions. Included are the triple-dot menu, Power, Volume Up, Volume Down, Tilt, Rotate, Camera, Search, Back, Home, and Recent. To turn on the gadget, press the Power button.

android 12 on pc

It will seem as though an Android 12 phone with all of its stock contents is connected to your PC. You may download Android apps and games from the PlayStore and use the Android Studio emulator to run them on your PC.


android 12 windows


For people who want to create Android apps by fully utilizing Android Studio’s built-in functions, being able to install Android 12 on a Windows PC is ideal. Additionally, it can be used to test out different Android phones or devices before buying one, use the most recent Android version without having to buy a new device, or simply use Android apps and games without owning an Android device. Another benefit of having an AVD on the PC is that you can play without getting up from your desk and picking up a different device.