7 Best Legal and Safe Websites to Download Free MP3 Music 2023

The benefit of music streaming is that it enables people to listen to their fullest potential. You may listen to your favorite tunes even without a TV or radio thanks to streaming apps. However, there are disadvantages to music streaming services. Lack of ownership is the main drawback; when you use Spotify, you are just allowed to listen to music, not to own it.

But worry not, for in this article we will teach you where to download MP3 music.  So you can listen to specific songs without interruptions. There are so many websites to download music from, but most of them do not operate legally and may risk the privacy of your data. We picked the most legal and safest websites to download free MP3 music.

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Best Legal Sites to Download Free Music

1. SoundCloud

free music download legal

The first one on our list is a popular music streaming service called SoundClound. It is commended as one of the best alternatives to Spotify. With this website, you can listen to an endless selection of music. And, most importantly, download songs for free. A lot of famous musicians and independent artists put their songs on their platform, so you are guaranteed that it is safe and legal to use. It contains a variety of music genres, including Kpop, Hindi and OPM songs.

This music streaming website has a fun and quirky user interface. And it’s simple to use, especially the search box where you can search for genres, artists, and songs.


2. ReverbNation

safe mp3 download site

ReverbNation is another music streaming website that is legal and safe to download music from. It provides independent and rising artists a fantastic platform to showcase their music so fans could listen to them. It has been the platform that raised artists such as Imagine Dragons, The Civil Wars and Alabama Shakes to stardom. These bands first became well-known on ReverbNation by freely disseminating their music and gathering a huge, devoted fanbase.

ReverbNation features a wide range of genres but is most recognized for its pop and hip-hop collections. With its massive database, this service currently provides a superior user experience to music fans.  And it serves approximately 4 million artists, labels, and users. If you want some fresh music experiences, visit the Discover section of the website, where there is a substantial collection of audio recordings available for download.

 3. Jamendo

free music download legally

Jamendo is another one of the best legal and safe websites to download free MP3 music because the tracks featured are protected by the Creative Commons License. However, this streaming website only offers independent tracks, so if you need the usual top Billboard hits, this is not the site for you. But if you want fresh discoveries, Jamendo will surely give you every new and never-before-heard tune from aspiring musicians.

The tracks on Jamendo Music are protected by a Creative Commons license, allowing you to safely download music from the website. You’ll need to go elsewhere or pay for popular songs if you’re looking for them, because everything on this website is independent music. Due to its carefully crafted playlists and frequently updated radio stations, Jamendo is best suited for music enthusiasts. This website for free music downloads also includes a big library of music that can be licensed for use in videos, commercials, or movies at affordable prices.

4. SoundClick

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The best legal and safe website for downloading music directly from artist profiles is SoundClick. On the website, many musicians offer their music for free. You can also legally download free music or buy licensed tracks. By selecting the rhythms and instrumentals, you can stream music for free while browsing the vast collection of songs organized by genre. While SoundClick allows you to stream music without registering, you can only download tracks once you’ve done so. The user interface of this free music download service was recently updated, and it is now a lot less congested. Unfortunately, they’ve removed several of the fantastic capabilities that were previously accessible, like the capacity to create customized radio stations and interact with other users.

5. Audiomack

safe place to download music

An easy-to-use user interface sets Audiomack, a brand-new music-sharing platform, apart from SoundCloud. This website for free music downloads acts as a hub for discovering new music for musicians, record labels, and music fans. To help you find new music, it offers sections like Trending, Top Songs, and Top Albums that are thoughtfully structured. The latest Hip Hop, Electronic, and Reggae recordings can be found in the trending music section, which helps explain why the website is so well-liked by younger users.

Most artists make their compositions and remixes available for free download on Audiomack, even though not all of the songs are there. However, you may use the website on a desktop PC or a free iOS or Android app on a phone to stream a limitless number of music. All in all, Audiomack is one of the best legal and safe websites to download free MP3 Music in 2023.

6. YouTube Audio Library

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The YouTube Audio Library is primarily made for people looking for production music that is free of royalties to use in videos. On the other hand, anyone with a YouTube account can use YouTube Studio to access the library and download as many songs as they want. According to the rules and regulations of the library, you may use the tracks in any type of content you create, not just videos. The songs may also be used in YouTube videos that are monetized. By pressing the tiny Play button, you may hear a sample of each song. By selecting the adjacent Download option, if you like what you hear, you can download it. The YouTube Audio Library offers sound effects in addition to free music to download.

7. Free Music Archive

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Free Music Archive has been around for a while and is still quite well-liked. The majority of the free music downloads are made by unknown musicians, although occasionally a well-known name will show up. Whatever the case, it’s a great way to find new music. Since all of the music on the website is freely available for personal use, you shouldn’t worry about its legality. However, you must confirm the authorization for each track if you intend to use the music for commercial purposes.

Generally, it is among the best legal and safe websites to download free MP3 music in 2023.



Music streaming apps and websites are great tools for music listening. But if you need your favorites downloaded in your devices, you can with the help of these legal and safe websites to download free MP3 music and some music apps that you can play offline. Either way, have a great time tunin’ in.