4 Best Light Meter Apps for Indoor Plants

best light meter app for plants

To grow plants shiny and healthy, there are two important things to keep in mind. One they must get a perfect amount of water and second the place where they are kept gets enough light. So, how you can measure that if your plants are getting enough light or not? There are physical light measuring meters available in the market. However, they are quite expensive to buy. An average light measuring meter can cost you around hundreds of dollars. However, if you do not want to buy those expensive meters, then we have a solution for you. In this article, you will learn about the best light meter apps for plants. Now you can easily measure the light from these apps without paying the cost.

Why Need A Light Meter?

As you know that light is the second most important thing for your plants. That is why you need to track the light amount your plants are receiving. Because you cannot figure out accurately with naked eyes, for this purpose a light meter is used. It measures the accurate amount of light that is consuming by your plants.

Best Light Meter Apps for Android & iOS

If you search on the app store for the light meter, you will find many different applications. However, some of them are developed to be used in photography, while other work as illuminance meter. There are not many apps that can measure PAR/PPFD for your plants. We have listed down some of them with the comparison. You can choose among these apps which you liked most.

① LUX Light Meter Pro

light meter app for plants

When you search light meter apps on App Store, Lux Light Meter Pro will be on first. It is one of the most popular light measuring applications available on the App Store. This application is developed by Marina Polyanskaya. It is available for free and its measurements are Lux and FC. However, it does not offer calibration.

When you install this app for the first time, you need to learn about how it works. After some time, you will be able to operate this app more reliably. If we talk about its cons, Lux Light Meter Pro does not update often. So, if any bugs appear in the app, you must wait for when the new update comes.

② LUX Light Meter Free

light meter app for plants android

If you are looking for a free app, then Lux Light Meter Free is available for free. However, because this app is free, it shows you ads. Lux Light Meter Free is developed by Nipakul Bhuttua. This app has a feature which is camera feed, it allows you to target the available light source. So, that you can directly be able to measure the light source by pointing the camera at it.

This app includes measurements in Lux and it also does not offer calibration. If we talk about its user interface, it feels heavy-handed and outdated. For some people, UI matters a lot that is why if you can handle clunky UI then you can install this app.

LUX Light Meter FRE‪E | Android | iOS

③ Plant Light Meter

use light meter app for plants

We know that it is hard to trust paid apps and not all paid apps are reliable. However, Plant Light Meter is an application that you can trust. It is available on App Store for 1$. This app is uniquely built to measure different plant lighting scenarios.

As this application is paid, it gives you advanced features – like, it can learn about lightning requirements of different houseplants. If we talk about the measurement, it can read in Lux and FC (foot candle). As we have discussed the plant lightning source needs to be measure in PPFD/PAR, this app does not contain those measurements. However, it somehow closes to the light measure meter.

④ Korona – Grow Light Meter

light meter for indoor plantsplant

Above all mentioned app, this app called “Korona – Grow Light Meter” is the best among all those apps. You will ask why this app is best among others? Please, read the rest passage and you can figure it out on your own.

This app has all the measurements which are needed for measuring light source for plants. It includes Lux, Foot Candle, Kelvin, and most importantly it also has PPFD/PAR measurements. As the above apps do not offer calibration features, Korona – Grow Light Meter offers a custom calibration feature. It helps you to fine-tune the app with your phone if needed. It also includes factory pre-calibration which is set by default when you download it for the first time.

More Light Measuring Applications

In this article, we only include those apps which work almost close as compare to physical light measuring meters. However, there are more apps available on App Store and Google Play store. But we do not suggest you download those apps, because they are not worth it to use.