Loop a YouTube video on Android

how to loop youtube videos on android

We all love listening to songs or audiobooks that are available on YouTube. At present YouTube has every music that we listen to. Now we all have at least one favorite song. But unlike other music playing apps, YouTube doesn’t allow us to play a video on loop.

Then what can you do to loop a YouTube video? Well, in this post, we will read about the ways you can loop a YouTube video on Android. So without further ado, let’s play it on loop.

Loop YouTube videos creating a playlist

Do you know you can create a playlist and put the YouTube playlist on loop? Well, most of us don’t know that. So let’s read it in a stepwise procedure.

● Click on three dots on the right side of the video you want to loop. Then click on create a new playlist and set its privacy from the public to private.

how to loop youtube playlist on android

● Go to the playlist and hit the play button. Once it starts playing click on the loop icon, it is like two arrows going making a circle.

how to put a youtube video on loop on your phone

That’s it. You can play a video seamlessly without hitting the replay button again and again.

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Loop a YouTube video using Musepic

If by any chance you think creating playlists doesn’t suffice you, then you can use another way too. Another way is to use a third-party app. Just download the Musepic: Repeat Youtube Videos app on Playstore.

It has all the videos that are available on the internet. Now to play a video on repeat, first go to your video. You can search it in the search bar or copy-paste the link from YouTube. The next part is simply clicking on the loop button. Now your video will loop. 

how to repeat youtube videos on android

There’s an additional feature to this app. That is you can loop a specific part of a youtube video. You can use this feature if you want some lyrics in the song to be played continuously.


YouTube is one of the best video players or even an audio player that we all love. But it lacks some features like playing videos on loop. That’s why it is best to use a third-party app like Musepic.