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How To Make Any Keyboard Sound Mechanical


make your keyboard sound mechanical

Using and collecting mechanical keyboards have become an emerging trend today. Some people may think that mechanical keyboards are only used by those who use old-school computers with older computer systems. But, it doesn’t;t have to be this restrictive! Mechanical keyboards are for those who want to feel satisfied while they work and play because of the nature of mechanical keyboards, which have unique and pleasing sounds and feelings to the senses. It’s also good for your efficiency and hands, because it provides for more travel, with a tactile response compared to thinner keyboards that can be hard to get used to typing on.

However, mechanical keyboards can be quite pricey because of these features. If you’re only interested in giving your regular laptop keyboard or your standard desktop keyboard the sound of a mechanical one, you can with this different software.

Mechvibes – Make your Keyboard Sound Mechanical

Mechvibes is one of the best platforms that you can use to virtually make your keyboard sound like a mechanical keyboard. Mechvibes can be used on any Windows desktop or operating system, but there are also other applications that function like Mechvibes, that can be used on other operating systems.

 First, download Mechvibes setup file from its Github page.
 Run the setup file and launch the program.
 Choose from several pre-defined keyboard sounds that are available. Ironically enough, these sounds are from some modern mechanical keyboard brands like Cherry MX and Everglide Crystal Purple. Choose the one you prefer and adjust the volume. Close the app. It will remain on the system tray.


 Users will then be able to hear audio feedback while typing.

The downside with Mechvibes is that the audio that will be used to enhance the sound of your keyboard will depend on the system or sound card of your desktop device.

Noisy Typer – Make Keyboard Sound when Typing

The alternative to Mechvibes for Mac users is an application called Noisy Typer. It is another simple software that runs in the background quietly, without interfering with much of your activity on your device. However, compared to Mechvibes, Noisy Typer applies more of a traditional typewriter sound to your keyboard, rather than one of a mechanical keyboard which can be done by Mechvibes. Here’s how to use the app on your device:

 Simply download the app using the link provided.
 Run the app. It will display a splash screen describing what it will do and that it will run in the background.
 The keyboard will then sound like an old typewriter complete with a satisfying ‘ding’ when the Enter key is pressed.

Typewriter Keyboard – Get Mechanical Keyboard Sound Effect

Another alternative for Mac users is a software called Typewriter Keyboard. The way you can add it to your keyboard is similar to Mechvibes and Noisy Typer. It is a small and simple software that will be running in the background without too much trouble for your device.

Once run, users can select the key volume and the keyboard sound to be used. It can be automatically set to run at startup as well as check for updates upon launch. It can be muted or activated with a specific key combination. Also, like in both previous entries, the sounds of individual keys can be customized with recordings of keypresses from other keyboards.

The downside with Typewriter Keyboard is that it is not a free application. If you are interested in purchasing it, it costs 20 euros. However, it runs smoothly and properly with no apparent issues, making it worth it if you are dedicated to having a mechanical keyboard sound on your device.

Keyboard Simulator – Keyboard Sounds Website

Unlike Mechvibes and Noisy Typer, Keyboard Simulator is a website that simulates the sounds of mechanical keyboards. The keyboard won’t sound mechanical after leaving the site. But Keyboard Simulator is great for two things. It prepares prospective mechanical keyboard buyers for what their purchase will sound like and it’s also a fun way to test typing skills. See what keyboard sound gets users into the zone.

Of course, it’s just half of the experience as the point of getting mechanical keyboards is to get that more tactile and mechanical feel that lame keyboards that come with today’s desktops and laptops can’t provide.

 Simply visit the website through the link provided

keyboard sound changer online

 Select the keyboard brand or model.
 Choose what the keyboard should look like, which is also a great way to select the look of the keycaps for those who plan on customizing.
 And lastly select the keyboard frame.
 After selecting the keyboard, click on the empty field above the keyboard selection and start typing. The site will measure your typing speed when the random words run out. Click on Redo to start again.

Bucklespring – Get Typing Sounds for Keyboard

The final software that you can try out to make your desktop or laptop keyboard sound like a mechanical one is called Bucklespring. The unique thing about Bucklespring is that it aims to simulate a specific kind of keyboard, which is the IBM Model M. Bucklespring is available to use for Linux. Mac users can also use this open-source software, albeit with a different build. but Windows users cannot use this on their operating system.

To install Bucklespring, Debian or Ubuntu users can simply open a terminal and enter the following:
$ sudo apt-get install bucklespring

For macOS, users need to have Superuser privileges to open up the terminal and build the app. Open the terminal and type the following:
$ brew install alure pkg-config
$ git clone && cd bucklespring
$ sed -i ” ‘s/-Wall -Werror/-Wall/’ Makefile
$ make
$ ./buckle

To run the program, type:
$ sudo ./buckle &