How to Make a Google Sheet Editable by Multiple Users

make a google sheet editable by multiple users

Spreadsheets have always been used to keep work organized by almost everyone. It makes your work look nice and work smoothly. The goodness about the spreadsheet is the simplicity of logging your data in rows and columns. After the browser-based version was launched by Google, it becomes much simpler. You are able to invite collaborators so that you can work on projects together. The other benefit of using Google spreadsheets is the ability to store your data in the cloud. This makes it easier since you are able to access online anytime anyplace. Also, anyone with Google Sheets can also access your work online and edit it in real-time. This article will help you to understand how these Google sheets work, and how you can make a Google sheet editable by multiple users.

What is Google Sheets used for

1. When you are preparing a presentation for a class or a meeting, spreadsheets will help to organize your work.

2. It is very easy to use. Anyone with a small basic understanding of Microsoft excel can easily work with Google Sheets.

3. In data analysis, functions are done on a spreadsheet using some formulas.

4. Data can be seen in a better visualization format so that it can make sense to the end-user.

Using Collaboration in Google Sheets

There are times when you will need to collaborate your project with other people so that you minimize spending time on it. Lucky enough, Google has developed cloud-based applications like Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. These applications allow you to integrate your projects into them. This makes it very useful at the same time very efficient.

Google Sheets works very well in school projects. You can invite your friends and work on that project faster as you all will be on the same page. The project will turn out to be perfect and very organized.

Sometimes you can prepare a Google sheet and share it online on a project you are working on. This will make people input their ideas and forecast in it. This will help you to budget well for your project and change where necessary.

You can also use Google sheets for ideas and reviews from end-users of your product. This will make you rectify all your mistakes and strive to make your product or service better.

How Google Sheets Sharing Permissions Work

First, you will have to invite people to work with you on your project. Google has made it easier to customize your projects to multiple users or anyone who has access to it. They are also able to view and edit your Google sheets only through the share feature. Note that, by default, the Google sheets can only be edited and be visible to you alone. The users can have access only through the share feature.

Permissions That You can Grant for the Google Sheets Users

1. Viewer: In this setting, the collaborators can only view the data in your spreadsheet. They cannot edit anything.

2. Commenter: This setting will allow the collaborators to view the data and write text comments. Also, they cannot make any changes to your actual data.

3. Editor: Here, the collaborators can edit your data inside the spreadsheet. They can also add formulas, modify cells, or remove cells.

Make a Google Spreadsheet Editable by Multiple Users

You are able to share your Google sheets with many people or a few people. I will show you how you can share them in the steps below.

1. Open the spreadsheet you like to share with the people. Click on the share button at the top corner. You can also go to the file and share it.

how to make google sheet editable to all

2. Now, you will see restricted below the get link section. This means that you need to add people with whom you would like to share the spreadsheet. In the “add people and group text box”, type the email addresses of the people you will like to share your spreadsheet with. You can also add groups.

make google sheet editable by everyone

3. After you have added them, a box is going to appear on the right side of the screen. Select the Editor option and click on the share button. So far we have selected the people, and now they are able to edit your spreadsheet.

make google sheet editable

Make a Google Spreadsheet Editable by Anyone on the Internet

As mentioned above, we have added people who will only be able to access your sheets. Now we want anyone to access your Google sheets on the internet.

1. Open your Google sheet and click on the share button. A window will appear, click on the “change to anyone with the link” that is under the get link section.

make a google sheet editable for everyone

2. The permission level is set to default, but you can set it to viewer mode for this case. Copy the link and send it to anyone who you would like to access your Google sheets. Now once they get the link, they are able to view or edit your sheets. Always make sure you send your link to those you trust.

how to make a google sheet editable

View Comments on Google Sheets

When using Google Sheets to collaborate with the users, you will find some comments on the spreadsheet, and these comments may be very useful feedback. This way it will make them appreciate and do more. So, if you find Google sheets online, just leave a positive review for them.