How to Make a Google Sheet Editable by Multiple Users

make a google sheet editable by multiple users

Spreadsheets have always been used to keep work organized by almost everyone. What’s good about them is that you can log your data in columns and rows. It has become simpler and easier to access when Google launched its browser-based version. Google Sheets allows multiple users to work on a single sheet together, at the same time.

One great thing about using Google Sheets is being able to store your data in the cloud. You will be able to access your files anytime when you’re online, real-time which makes it user-friendly. Today, we are going to explain how it works, and how to make a Google sheet editable by multiple users.

What is Google Sheets used for

1. When you are preparing a presentation for a class or a meeting, spreadsheets will help to organize your work.

2. It is very easy to use. Anyone with a small basic understanding of Microsoft excel can easily work with Google Sheets.

3. In data analysis, functions are done on a spreadsheet using some formulas.

4. Improved data visualization for end-users to better understand them,

Using Collaboration in Google Sheets

There are instances where multiple users need to work on a single project for collaboration. Cloud-based applications have been developed by Google that allows people to integrate projects to make work efficient. These include Google Drive, Google Docs, Goodle Slides, and Google Sheets.

Google Sheets works very well in school projects. It allows you to work with your classmates and colleagues on the same project. It’s very efficient since everyone will see the changes you make real-time.

You can also prepare a Google sheet and share the project you are working on online. This will make people input their ideas and forecast in it, and also make changes when needed.

Google sheets also allows you to collate ideas and reviews from your product’s end-users. This is important because feedback is necessary to make your service or product better for your users.

How Google Sheets Sharing Permissions Work

It starts with inviting users to work and collaborate with you on a project. It’s now made easier since Google lets you share your projects with other users and be able to customize it together. The share feature will give the users access to view and edit your Google sheet. Remember that only you can view and edit your Google sheet. The users can have access only through the share feature.

Permissions That You can Grant for the Google Sheets Users

1. Viewer: In this setting, the collaborators can only view the data in your spreadsheet. They cannot edit anything.

2. Commenter: Users will not be able to perform changes on your project, and will only have view access and write comments.

3. Editor: This setting lets people added to the file make edits to the spreadsheet. Their access includes adding, removing and changing formulas, modifying cells, remove cells and columns, and more.

Make a Google Spreadsheet Editable by Multiple Users

You are able to share your Google sheets with many people or a few people. I will show you how you can share them in the steps below.

1. Pull up the spreadsheet you want to share and click the ‘Share’ button. You can also go to the file and share it.

how to make google sheet editable to all

2. ‘Restricted’ means that only you have access to the spreadsheet unless you add people to give them access. This pop-up allows you to add collaborators to the sheet using their email addresses. You can also add groups.

make google sheet editable by everyone

3. A drop-down menu will appear just beside the users want to add. Select which type of access you want to give them and click ‘Send’. They will be sent an email notification letting them know that you just gave them access to your spreadsheet.

make google sheet editable

Make a Google Spreadsheet Editable by Anyone on the Internet

As mentioned above, we have added people who will only be able to access your sheets. Now we want anyone to access your Google sheets on the internet.

1. Pull up your Google sheet and click ‘Share.’ Click on ‘Change to anyone with the link.’

make a google sheet editable for everyone

2. You can change the access to viewer only, since the permission level is always set to default. You will then need to copy and send the link to the people you want to share your spreadsheet with.

how to make a google sheet editable

View Comments on Google Sheets

When using Google Sheets to collaborate with the users, you will find some comments on the spreadsheet, and these comments may be very useful feedback. Now that you already know how to share your projects with other people you want to collaborate with, you’ll be able to do it real-time, online.