Merge or Combine Two PowerPoint Presentations into One

how to merge two ppt files in office

When it comes to presentations, whether you are a professional person or a student, no software beats PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a comprehensive tool that lets its users work according to their needs. Depending upon your creativity and imagination, you can easily play around with PowerPoint to your liking. However, PowerPoint is not an easy tool to master. It takes time and effort to hone the software in its entirety. There are many problems that one may face when creating their PowerPoint presentation. In this article, we are going to be discussing how to merge or combine two PPT or PowerPoint presentations into one.

If you have two PowerPoint presentations and you want to combine them into one, there are ways to do that. however, before you begin to merge one PowerPoint presentation into another, you have to decide and establish some ground rules first. For instance, you would want to make either one of them your main PowerPoint presentation and add the other one into it. Moreover, you need to decide whether you want the theme of the main PowerPoint presentation to remain the same, or you want to convert the theme of the main PowerPoint presentation to that of the inserted PowerPoint presentation. 

There are also animations that one can use in their PowerPoint presentations. If you are combining a PowerPoint presentation that has animations in it, the method will vary. What you decide will entail the method you are going to use in combining your PowerPoint presentation. However, you don’t have to worry about the methods as we are going to discuss both in this article.  

Method 1: Reuse (Import) Slides from Another Presentation

Let us start with the first method. If you have decided to keep the theme of the main presentation, you need to use this method. In the reuse slide method, the slides you insert from the external PowerPoint presentation will be added exactly like they are in the main PowerPoint presentation. However, there is a catch: you won’t be getting any animations or transitions you may have in your external PPT file into the main presentation. If your external presentation has animations or transitions, you would want to use the other method. More on that later.  

Let’s start with this method first. Open up the PowerPoint presentation that you want to keep as your central. When the presentation is completely loaded up, head over to the slides section and click between two slides. Now, it is totally up to you where you want to add your external presentation into. Let’s start with the basics. Click between Slide 1 and Slide 2. When you do that, a red line will appear. 

merge powerpoint files

Next, head over to the Insert tab and click on ‘New Slide’. Now, this is a tricky part. When you click on the button, you would be given a range of options to choose from. You would want to go straight down to the option where it says ‘Reuse Slides’. When you click on the ‘Reuse Slides’ button, a tab will appear. 

combine powerpoint slides from different files

Next, click on the browse button, and scour your computer for the external PPT file. When you find the presentation you are looking for, click OK. 

merge two presentations powerpoint

As soon as you open the file, you will see a small thumbnail of each slide displayed on the right panel. At this point, you have a bunch of options to choose from. For instance, if you want to add only one slide, you can do so by simply clicking on that particular slide. Similarly, you can enter two, three, four, it all depends upon you. And, if you want to keep the theme of the external presentation, you would need to check ‘keep source formatting’. If you uncheck that, the external PowerPoint presentation slides you enter will not have the same formatting as before. Instead, the inserted PowerPoint slides will be converted into the theme of your main presentation.

combining multiple powerpoint presentations into one

As mentioned earlier, you lose all animations, effects, transitions, etc when using this method. So, you must know this before using this method. If you do want to keep your animations, effects, and transitions, let’s now discuss the method that will allow you to do so.

Method 2: Insert External Presentations as an Object

The second method we are going to discuss is the insert object method. As the name suggests, this method will add your external slides into the main presentation as an object. This method is particularly great for someone who wants to keep the animations and transitions when adding external PowerPoint slides into the main presentation. The best part about this method is that when you insert the external slides into your main presentation, they won’t be linked to the original file. This means that any changes you make in the main presentation will not affect the original PowerPoint file.

Let’s start with how to merge two PowerPoint files using this method. The first thing you would want to do is open up your main PowerPoint presentation. When the presentation is opened completely, click on the Insert tab, and add a new slide. You would want the new slide to be completely blank, so delete the text boxes. 

how to combine multiple ppt to one

Again, head over to ‘Insert Tab’, and click the ‘Object’ icon. 

merge ppt files

You will see the Insert Object dialog box. There, you should pick the ‘Create from file’ option. You can enter the address of the document into the text box and press Enter or click the Browse button. Browse for the external PPT file you would like to insert into your main one, and double-click on it.

how to merge two ppt files

After you have successfully inserted the entire object into your main presentation, the rest is up to you to make any changes or edits to your main presentation.

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