MightyText vs MySMS

MightyText vs MySMS

The problem with picking up the phone when one receives a text is the temptation to scroll through other notifications. After that, there’s the urge to check emails, then social media “for a while.” When one succumbs to this, work grinds to a halt, and the user falls into a rabbit hole for at least 10 minutes. You have two options to get out of this; Buy a smartwatch to receive notifications on your wrist, or download an application like MightyText or MySMS. This time, we discuss MightyText vs. MySMS – which is better?

MightyText and MySMS both help sync messages between your phone and computer. When you get text messages, your phone relays these to your computer and lets you type and send a reply. We recommend both if you don’t want to be on your phone all the time while working. These apps changed in time to let you answer and make phone calls using your computer. You can answer important text and phone calls on your desktop without having to pick up your phone.

Your phone stays where you left it, and you can stay in front of your computer. It’s also very convenient for users as they don’t have to look nor move away from their desktops and continue to focus on their work. You just have to move your mouse and type on your keyboard to reply to texts and calls.

MightyText vs. MySMS – Which is Better?

So, MightyText vs. MySMS – which is better? iPhone users won’t be able to enjoy these applications because iOS does not allow third party apps to access text messages. Both MightyText and MySMS work well with Android phones, and that’s something good they have in common.


mightytext vs mysms

Mighty text can be used by adding a plugin on your Chrome browser or downloading the app version.You will have to sync your devices by logging in to your Gmail account. After syncing your Gmail account, messages sent to your phone will be forwarded to your tablet, desktop, or laptop. It lets you reply to the message using your device without having the need to pick up your phone and being distracted from your work. Mighty Text is available as a separate desktop app in your Windows or Mac devices. Using the desktop app is easier than the Mighty Text web app.

MightyText is free to download, and lets you send 50 messages per month. If you need more than what the app allows for free, you can send unlimited messages using their paid subscription for $7.49/month annually. The paid version gives you access to interface themes, a blocklist, signature templates, and more. It lets you see all your notifications from your phone, aside from your text messages. Depending on the user’s perspective, it can, in a way, be distracting.

Mightytext also synchronizes photos and videos from your phone. One great thing about the app is that it will show your battery percentage even if you don’t have your phone in hand. MightyText also has a clean and friendly user interface. It’s appealing but somehow not distracting. The app also lets you see individual text message threads from your recent contacts with its Power View, and the usual text listings like in your phone in Classic View.


mightytext vs mysms

MySMS is an excellent alternative to MightyText since its free version allows for the sending of unlimited text messages from the desktop, as much as the phone’s plan can handle. If texting is your only concern, then this is a better option than MightText.

Like MightyText, MySMS also has two components. You will be required to sign on your Google account to use both the desktop and phone app. Again, MySMS is unfortunately not available on the iPhone. You can download the app on your Windows device from the Microsoft Store for free. If you don’t like the app, you can access MySMS using your browser.

As a Windows full-screen app, MySMS sports a straightforward interface, much like what can be seen on a phone’s default SMS app. It also supports emojis and text scheduling, as well as sending group messages, while MightyText allows it after subscription. You will need to subscribe to MySMS premium to access text messages older than 30days.

The browser interface looks pretty much the same. It’s a no-nonsense experience that allows users to work with less distractions. It also logs your SMS/MMS, lets you create a text signature, and lets you block certain numbers from contacting you. The paid version, which costs $9.99 yearly, includes Backup and Restore of messages, call notifications on PC or tablet, message scheduling, SMS syncing with another phone, text archiving, entire message history, and fast customer support. Just some stuff to consider, but of course, it’s the free distraction-free messaging that matters.


MightyText vs MySMS? It’s easy to decide for users who want unlimited texting over the desktop. It would have to be MySMS. The paid version is also quite inexpensive, considering the features it offers. If you want a better user interface, an app that lets you dial up your nearby phone and sync your photos and videos, and screen your notifications, MightyText is the one for you.