MightyText vs MySMS

MightyText vs MySMS

The problem with picking up the phone when one receives a text is the temptation to scroll through other notifications. After that, there’s the urge to check emails, then social media “for a while.” When one succumbs to this, work grinds to a halt, and the user falls into a rabbit hole for at least 10 minutes. There are two ways to get out of this. Get a smartwatch to screen these notifications or a desktop app like MightyText or MySMS. This time, we discuss MightyText vs. MySMS – which is better?

MightyText and MySMS synchronize SMS messaging between your phone and computer. The phone receives text messages, relays those texts to the computer, and allows the user to answer back. These apps are for busy individuals who cannot afford to waste time fumbling with their phones during work hours. These apps have since evolved to take and make phone calls through the computer. So instead of picking up the phone to get distracted afterward, important texts and calls can quickly be answered on the desktop. The phone stays in the pocket or the bag and cannot do your work any harm. It’s also very convenient for users as they don’t have to look nor move away from their desktops and continue to focus on their work. A few keystrokes are just what it takes to reply to calls and texts.

MightyText vs. MySMS – Which is Better?

So, MightyText vs. MySMS – which is better? Now, because iPhones do not allow other apps to access text messages, iPhone users are out of luck. Though using MightyText on the iPhone requires some technical gymnastics that we will not cover. Both MightyText and MySMS work well with Android phones, and that’s something good they have in common.


mightytext vs mysms

MightyText exists as an app on the phone and a plugin on the Chrome browser. The user syncs the devices using a Gmail account. Once done, messages received on the phone will be relayed to the larger device; a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet. The user can then reply to the message using the larger device without picking up the phone and falling into the rabbit hole of non-productivity. MightyText is not limited to Chrome as it can be installed as a separate desktop app for Windows and Macs. They also have a web app for other browsers, though they recommend the desktop app.

MightyText, however, has a limit of only 50 messages per month. That’s not going to get a busy person through a week or even a day, depending on the job. To send unlimited messages, the user needs to subscribe $7.49/month annually to avail of many excellent features, including interface themes, signature templates, and a blocklist. But for notification screening purposes, MightyText works great as users can see all the notifications from the phone if there is something important aside from the texts. Depending on the user’s perspective, it can, in a way, be distracting.

Mightytext also synchronizes photos and videos from the phone. A bonus feature is that even when the phone is stowed away somewhere, users can see if the battery needs charging. MightyText also has a clean and beautiful interface. It’s appealing but somehow not distracting. Its Power view looks great, allowing users to see individual text threads of recent contacts. The Classic view looks just like the text listings on the phone.


mightytext vs mysms

MySMS is an excellent alternative to MightyText since its free version allows for the sending of unlimited text messages from the desktop, as much as the phone’s plan can handle. If texting is the user’s only concern, then this is a great option compared to MightyText.

Like MightyText, MySMS also has two components. The phone app and the desktop app, both of which also require a Google account. Again, MySMS is unfortunately not available on the iPhone. The desktop app for Windows can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free. Though MySMS can also be accessed via a browser.

As a Windows full-screen app, MySMS sports a straightforward interface, much like what can be seen on a phone’s default SMS app. It also supports emojis and text scheduling. MySMS also allows for group texting, while MightyText allows it after subscription. However, MySMS does not let users see texts older than 30 days without going premium. The browser interface looks pretty much the same. It’s a no-nonsense experience that allows users to work with less distractions. Other features include SMS/MMS usage logs, a block list, and text signature. The paid version, which costs 9.99 dollars yearly, includes Backup and Restore of messages, call notifications on PC or tablet, message scheduling, SMS syncing with another phone, text archiving, entire message history, and fast customer support. Just some stuff to consider, but of course, it’s the free distraction-free messaging that matters.


MightyText vs MySMS? It’s easy to decide for users who want unlimited texting over the desktop. It would have to be MySMS. Plus, the paid version is quite inexpensive and gets users other cool features. For users who want a good-looking interface, the ability to dial up the nearby phone, sync photo and video content, and see and screen all notifications, it would be MightyText.