How to Mirror an Android Screen to Another Android Device

mirror android to android

Mirroring Android screen basically means sharing or streaming your Android smartphone’s screen with someone else’s device. It lets other people see what you are doing on your phone screen and vice versa. So, using this technique, you can share live gameplay or movies with your friends on their devices. In some cases, your friends can even control your device remotely. It’s helpful when you need technical assistance from your friend for troubleshooting something on your phone, but he/she is far away from you. It’s common to see people mirroring Android screen to their computer. If you’re wondering how to mirror Android to Android, this post will guide you on doing so.

Mirroring your Android screen is very simple. Just install a mirroring app on both devices and connect them together. There are a few ways to do that – using a WiFi network, hotspot, Bluetooth, or active internet connection.

Method 1: Mirror Android to Android without Internet

ApowerMirror app lets you share screen from one device to another, including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS devices. You can use this app to mirror Android screen when both devices are on a local network. This is just to connect both devices to the same IP address. And, It will work even if you don’t have an active internet pack. Follow the below steps to achieve this.

 Download & install ApowerMirror app on both Android devices.

how to mirror phone to tablet without wifi

 Connect both devices to the same network ( through WiFi or hotspot).
 Open the app on both devices.
 On sender device, tap the blue mirror icon at the bottom of the screen. It will automatically start searching for the receiver device. Once the receiver device is visible, just tap on the device name and select ‘Start now’.

android to android screen mirroring usb

Once the connection is established, your Android screen should be displayed on the receiver device.

Method 2: Mirror Android to Android with Internet

Inkwire app lets you share your screen or see a shared screen via a working internet connection. This method can be a lifesaver when you want to share your screen with someone who lives in another city/country.

Install Inkwire app on both devices, and make sure both of them have an active internet connection (WiFi, 3G/4G). After opening the app, you can simply choose whether you want to share your Android or access someone else’s screen.

screen share android to android

To share your screen for another user to see, tap the ‘SHARE’ button. It will show you a 12-digit access code. You need to share this access code to the person who will be accessing your screen.

screen mirroring android to android

To get access to your shared screen, the person needs to open the app, tap the ‘ACCESS’ button, and enter the access code.

how to mirror android to android without wifi

Besides just sharing screen, the remote user will be able to assist you with a red bubble and have a voice chat with you.

screen mirror android to android