5 Best Notion Templates for Students

Notion templates for students

Notion is an amazing flexible productivity app for you to organize different projects, tasks, and documents. Notion templates can be an invaluable resource for education if used correctly. It is my recommendation for anyone looking for an ultimate productivity app. It comes with a steep learning curve, but you can optimize it to suit all your needs and develop ideas.

What is a Notion Template?

Do you want to create documents on Notion without building from scratch? You can begin with one Notion template and adjust it to suit your needs. Fortunately, templates are an integral part of Notion and there are some fantastic templates out there that make everything, from keeping track of assignments to taking notes, manage tasks with reminders, set up a personal Wiki, and more.

You can take the overall experience to the next level with the use of Notion templates. You can add or remove elements and make new pages for all the data you will use.

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Top 5 Notion Tem­plates for Stu­dents

In this article, I have rounded 5 of the best Notion templates for students.

1. Weekly Agenda

I often use the Weekly Agenda Notion template. Aside from being simple and effective, you can plan your whole week with reminders on the page.

Plan out your entire week at the start of every week by making a page with the week number, you can add a to-do, date and reminders using this template and get notified about it.

Set your daily tasks, outline the important things to remember, keep track of your habits, and then dwell on how productive your week has been on Sunday. You can do all these from your dashboard.

Weekly Agenda

2. Resonance Calendar

The system whereby you keep a record of all the information that resonated with you in one place is the Resonance Calendar. It was coined by Ali Abdaal who is a Youtuber and a Doctor. Some of the information you can keep a record of includes the podcast that you listen to, books you read, snippets you took from the news, or maybe certain thoughts that inspired you during the day.

The use case for Notion templates like this is strangely personalized, my Resonance Calendar has five clear columns. Its primary mechanic is that you are engaging with a media that you find very useful to you, by taking down a quick bullet-point list of important points, a brief reflection of long-form notes, or a couple of comments. This helps you become more conscious about what you read or even listen to, and you apply those ideas in your daily life activities.

Resonance Calendar

The category section is part of the linked database feature in Notion. It’s the reason why Notion has so much incredible potential for customization as it allows you to connect each Resonance Calendar entry to your different listing that contains a list of major projects in your life.

It has a score function that helps you in providing a super-quick indication of your feelings towards the content, so you can determine if you would like to share it with others. Its rating system is clearly based on the lessons that the content contains, without bearing on the quality of content.

3. The Gamification Project

Created by Conrad Lin, The Gamification Project Notion template is designed to sky-rocket your productivity by building gamification into your everyday life. This is a habit tracking app that rewards you as you successfully accomplish milestones throughout your day, and it promotes friendly competitions between your family and friends.

The Gamification Project

With a goal similar to Habitica, which was a habit tracking app that granted its users gold and experience while they stick to their habits. This Notion template was built on Notion by Conrad and his team to help you do the same with your productivity. As you successfully accomplish milestones, the project allows you to reward yourself. My favorite feature is that you can invite your friends to the project, and it will track who is doing the most.

The Gamification Project template is fully customizable. You can dig in to know how much you are penalized when you miss deadlines, change how much gold is rewarded, and you can add new tasks to the habit tracker. In fact, it is 100% customizable. There are no limits!

4. Student dashboard

A lot of students are on record saying that Notion templates like Student Dashboard helped improve their grades and lowered their stress. Student dashboard is another great student-centric template that offers any student a clean workspace, combined with a smart task manager, notebook, and calendar that works together. It gives you access to the dashboard, courses, task and assignment system, and even a weekly planner. Guess what? You will also get a set of costumed icons that will make any task less serious.

Student dashboard

5. Campus Life Organizer

Campus Life Organizer is one of the most recommended Notion templates for students. Created by Will Ma, it can help you make goals for the year and track them, keep yourself accountable, keep track of the contacts you meet in school, organizing events like “when are classes going to start?”.

It lets you designate your time to spend on important tasks and lets you plan your day ahead of time. It also helps in keeping track of your expenses and making sure you don’t drain your bank accounts.

Campus Life Organizer


Finally, take advantage of these amazing Notion templates and apply them to your life, don’t be afraid to adjust any template so it will fit you. Focus on planning your day and developing the systems that will enable you to be more productive. Be selfish, yes! Optimize the template for you, it is more profitable to build effective systems to prevent you from solely relying on your willpower.