5 Best Offline Grammar Checker Software

best english grammar checker offline

When writing a blog post, articles, essays, letters, applications, or other documents you must focus on one thing, that your writing must be grammatically correct. Most of the new writers face problems and difficulties in reducing their grammar mistakes while writing. There are also mistakes that even professional writers can make, like punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors. The punctuation or spelling errors can be handled easily, however, it becomes difficult to resolve grammar mistakes often. Grammar is a set of rules which needs to be followed when writing for a formal purpose. If you are not a professional writer, you can use grammar checker software or apps. In this article, we have listed down the best offline grammar checker app or software for you. You can download which suits you the best.

List of Best Offline Grammar Checker Software

1. Microsoft Word

No doubt that Microsoft Word is one of the most popular software which is widely used for writing and editing documents. It is owned by tech giant Microsoft and was first introduced in 1983. Microsoft Word comes in a complete package called Microsoft Office, which also includes Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

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In Microsoft Word, while you write, you can easily check whether you are writing correct spelling or not, as it underlines wrong spelled words with red. Also, for grammar, there is an option available called Editor that tells you what type of grammar mistake you are making. You can easily correct your sentence from the suggestion it is providing. It can check grammar in more than 32 languages.

If you want to use the latest version of MS Word, you have to buy a subscription, else you can use an older version for free.

2. Hemingway Editor

The second most popular software among writers is Hemingway Editor. It is available for both Windows and Mac. Hemingway Editor can be used for checking grammar mistakes online, as well as in offline mode. So, if you do not have an internet connection you can use it.

grammar checker offline

Hemingway Editor makes your text more readable by telling you the score. It checks your grammar mistakes, misuse of speech, passive voice, and more. As it is providing you a lot of features, that is why it is available only in the paid version. The one-time payment of Hemingway Editor is $19.99, and you do not have to pay in the future.

3. LibreOffice Writer

english grammar checker offline

LibreOffice Writer also comes with different applications as Microsoft Word comes. It is also great software that can be used for resolving grammar mistakes. It is completely free and available for offline use. This software is not popular as other grammar checker software, however, it is amazing to use. It provides you language dictionaries in more than 100 languages. So, you can easily check for grammar or spelling errors using any language.

If you use Microsoft Word, then you must have faced blue and red underlines. The blue one shows grammar errors and the red one shows spelling errors. In LibreOffice Writer, it shows in the same manner as in Microsoft Word. LibreOffice Writer is available for all operating systems whether you have Linux, Windows, or Mac. Even it is available on Android and iOS.

4. Scrivener

If you are looking for more than writing and editing software, then Scrivener is for you. It provides writers with multi-functions such as typewriter, ring-binder, and scrapbook. You can use Scrivener for checking grammar mistakes for free. Unlike other grammar checker software, in Scrivener, grammar checker is not activated by default. To activate the grammar checker, you need to click on the Edit option from the menu. There you will find the ‘Spelling and Grammar’ option, select that. Next, click on ‘Check Document Now’, and you are good to go.

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Scrivener is popular among writers because it is easy to use and available offline. Also, the great feature of this software is that you can check the grammar of multiple documents at a single time. You can also manage your long-written documents easily as they provide you sections. You can download this software on Mac, Windows, and iOS.

5. LanguageTool

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Another best offline grammar checker software is LanguageTool. It has a feature for checking grammar as well as spelling. You can use it online as a web app when having an internet connection, and for using it offline, you need to download this software.

The issue with this software is that you need to install Java 8 to run in offline mode. Not only that but you also have to install extra data files to make this software more powerful. It has a feature that will analyze your writing as you write. LanguageTool supports more than 20 languages.

LanguageTool can be used for free, however, you can only check 20,000 characters at a time. If you write long documents then you have to purchase its premium plan or developer API. The premium plan will cost you $19 per month, and if you buy for the whole year, you will get a discount and will be charged $4.92. Developer API has custom pricing.

Bottom Line

We hope that you find out your favorite grammar checker software among these. All the mentioned grammar checkers are powerful software and work offline. You will surely improve your writing with the help of these tools and do not need to hire writers for checking your grammar errors.