5 Best Offline Grammar Checker Software

best english grammar checker offline

Grammar Checker Software is an application that brings a lot of significance. It helps every writer in all their writing activities. Correct usage of grammar is important. This is because articles should be presented free from error. Spellings and punctuations are easier to correct than grammar usage. Even professionals find this hard to deal with.

Grammar Checker Software is the answer to all our writing needs. This application checks our written piece providing suggestions along the way. It is now easy to create essays and articles for work and school requirements. Without the fear of mistakes and errors.

List of Best Offline Grammar Checker Software

1. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the main application used for writing documents. It is the most popular among the sets of applications by Microsoft. It provides a comprehensive set of functions needed to complete a document. Here, you can edit, and insert a picture, tables, graphs, and other illustrations. You can also set the layout and design of the whole document.

offline grammar checker

The most appealing feature of this offline grammar checker is the spell checker. It highlights misspelled words into a red underline that is distinguished. And it provides suggestions to correct the underlined word. Some words correct themselves in case you type in the wrong spelling. Punctuation errors are also noted through a blue underlined highlight.

There is also a synonym function where words like what you have written will appear if you right-click the word. This works best whenever you wanted a more fitting word rather than the one you already had.

For grammar checking, you can use the Editor. It can check the grammar of more than 32 languages. In Microsoft Word, while you write, you can easily check whether you are writing correct spelling or not, as it underlines wrong spelled words with red. Also, for grammar, there is an option available called Editor that tells you what type of grammar mistake you are making. You can easily correct your sentence from the suggestion it is providing. It can check grammar in more than 32 languages.

If you want to use the latest version of MS Word, you have to buy a subscription, else you can use an older version for free.

2. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a popular grammar checker software. It is preferred by most writers because it is free to use. It is one of the most accurate software when it comes to correcting grammar mistakes.

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Hemingway Editor grammar checker software scans your document and checks it for all grammar issues. Among its functions are spelling check and speech misuse. Also, it features passive voice usage, and sentence recognition. It highlights your texts in different colors for different issues.

Hemingway Editor does not only check spelling and grammar, but it also recognizes the level of readability. It provides you with a readability score so you would know if your documents are comprehensible.

3. LibreOffice Writer

english grammar checker offline

LibreOffice is a package of applications for different purposes like Microsoft Office. Although it is not as popular as Microsoft, It is also a great offline grammar checker software. It is precise and detailed when it comes to checking spelling, speech, and other grammar issues.

It contains a language dictionary that caters to more than 100 languages. This is great for all kinds of users. It functions like Microsoft Office using blue and red underlines to highlight document mistakes.

This best offline grammar checker software can be used for all operating systems.

4. Scrivener

Scrivener is another full-detailed offline grammar checker. It offers more than the basic grammar editing checker functions. This software also offers functions such as ring-binder, scrapbook, and typewriter perfect for authors and writers. It also provides fantastic features that permit users to organize notes, research, concepts, and other documents so that they will be easily accessible.

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Among the fantastic features of this offline grammar check software is the ability to check the grammar of many documents at the same time. For grammar checking, you have to go to Edit Menu and click on the Spelling and Grammar option.

Scrivener is free and is available to iOS, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows systems.

5. LanguageTool

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Language Tool is another best offline grammar checker software. It is an amazing application that can assist writers with their needs. This application is free and open source. It can specifically check and correct the grammar, spelling, and style of any document.

This is a versatile application that is suitable for everyday use. It is easy to use as both the website and software has a friendly interface. Just like the other grammar checker softwares, it highlights the documents in different colors for different grammar issues.

Language tools can be accessed through their online website and can be downloaded for offline use.

Bottom Line

Grammar Checker software is really important especially when you want your document to reach an audience. These applications will assist you in establishing a strong foundation within the English language. It can also reduce workloads as they are easy to use, and save money as you no longer need to hire editors to proofread your documents. For your next writing needs, check out all the best offline grammar checker software and be confident with your writing.