Open Blocked Websites on Android Without VPN App

Have you ever experienced a time when several sites you’ve often visited become suddenly blocked? It can be due to a variety of reasons. The best excuse is that they’re deemed unsafe. The best way to circumvent this is by subscribing to a VPN, but depending on the VPN, that can be expensive. Is there a way to access blocked sites without VPN? Yes. This time, let’s discuss How to Open Blocked Websites on Android Without VPN App.

Method 1: Use Tor Browser to Access Blocked Sites without VPN

We can use the Tor browser to open blocked sites without VPN. Tor Browser can be used to browse websites that can’t be accessed through usual browsers like Chrome and Firefox. These mainstream browsers have their own website blocking mechanisms apart from restrictions imposed by ISPs and their upper tiers.

open blocked sites without vpn

❶ Go to the Google Playstore to download and install Tor browser.

❷ Once installed, open the app. Tap on Connect and Tor will set itself up.

❸ Type your website URL onto the search bar. Or, search for keywords relating to your website.

❹ The default search engine for Tor is DuckDuckGo, but it will not limit your search as much as possible. In case your website does not appear on your results, try changing the country and switch off SafeSearch. Those settings are just under the search bar.

❺ Congratulations if you find your site. But if you know your URL, there should be no need to search for it and Tor should take you there directly.

One thing to note though, while Tor allows you to access blocked sites without VPN, it will be somewhat slower due to some connection layers. Make sure your Android phone is fast and has a good internet connection to compensate for this tradeoff.

Method 2: Use Cloudflare DNS App to Open Blocked Sites without VPN

Another method to open blocked sites without VPN is through the Cloudflare DNS App. It can allow users to bypass restrictions on any website for free.

 access blocked sites without vpn

❶ Go to the Google PlayStore to download and install the Cloudflare DNS app.

❷ Once installed, open the app, agree to terms, and turn on the WARP service. Technically, this app will create a VPN profile on your device. However, Cloudflare is not a traditional VPN app but uses VPN technology to encrypt your data. It still complies with our need to allow access blocked sites without VPN and not subscribing to a separate VPN service. Unlike Tor, it can’t hide your true location but will still allow access to blocked websites on your Android device.

❸ Go to your phone’s browser and access your previously blocked sites.

Method 3: Using a Proxy Browser to Access Blocked Sites

Another method to access blocked sites without VPN is through a proxy browser. There are several proxy browsers available on the PlayStore. These browsers function the same as ordinary browsers, but they enhance privacy by using proxy servers.

open blocked sites on android phone

❶ In this instance, let’s download Blue Proxy as our proxy browser. Go to the PlayStore and download Blue Proxy.

❷ Once installed, open the app.

❸ Simply enter the URL of the blocked website.

Method 4: Using the Tor Proxy Orbot to Unblock Websites on Android

If for some reason, you’re not comfortable using the Tor browser, you can use Orbot which is a proxy app based on Tor similar to the Cloudflare DNS app. But because it’s based on Tor, your original location won’t be determined. Plus, Orbot is open-source and completely free of ads. Practically perfect to unblock sites without VPN service.

unblock sites on android

❶ Go to the PlayStore and look for Orbot: Tor for Android.
❷ Once installed, run the app and press Start.
❸ Toggle on the VPN Mode. This should start Tor’s free VPN service.
❹ Leave the app, then use the browser of your choice and open your blocked site.

Some Reasons Why Sites Become Blocked

➲ Government censorship

There are times when governments actively block certain websites, especially from opposing countries or ideologies. However, it can’t be helped if the information you’re looking for is there.
The site’s security certificate is not updated. As mentioned, browsers like Chrome and Firefox check for this and block the site but sometimes allow users to proceed after posting disclaimers. Major internet hubs like Cloudflare also check for this.

➲ The site was victim to a cyberattack and remains unsafe

Some websites unfortunately become victims of severe malware attacks. Browsers, internet hubs, and ISPs are alerted to this and cut off the website like a gangrenous limb. While some websites like P2P and porn sites are inherently questionable and insecure, it’s still the prerogative of users to visit them and they can always protect themselves with security software or browse at their own risk.

➲ The site could be region-locked

The site could be region-locked and would either be blocked or re-directed to the requesting region’s version if any. This is due to copyright or culture-sensitive reasons by content providers. This is common with magazine sites and streaming websites. However, this is the bane for international travelers who want to access their favorite websites even while far from home.


So, we hope you’ve learned much from this lesson on How to Open Blocked Websites on Android Without VPN App and are now able to access blocked sites without VPN. VPN Services can be costly and preferably not needed. Fortunately, we have these workarounds. Just select one of the four very easy methods suggested and enjoy.